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4 Benefits of Using Tongue Scrapers

We’ve all heard of the importance of tongue scraping and its benefits, but do we really understand why we should clean our tongue, and the most optimal way to do so? Today, we’ll discuss the importance and benefits of tongue scraping and why this habit should be included in your brushing routine.

Top 5 Ways to Get Kids to Love Brushing Their Teeth

Today, we’ll be discussing how to make that experience more enjoyable and provide a few tips on getting your kids to fall in love with brushing their teeth. Additionally, these 5 tips will help you ensure that your child is learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle and securing the first defense to a strong, healthy immune system.

Is Flouride Bad For You?

Fluoride is touted to be an essential part of our dental routines and recommended by dentists everywhere. But today, we’ll answer the question if fluoride is bad for you and how much fluoride is too much