5 Tips To Keep Your AutoBrush Running Forever

Want to make the most out of your AutoBrush? Just like your regular manual or electric toothbrush, taking good care of a full mouth toothbrush is key to getting the best clean every time — and for the long run. 
A little goes a long, long way for your AutoBrush, if you know all the right ways to care for it. 
In this blog, I'll list down all the do's and don’ts in keeping your AutoBrush running forever.



How To Take Care of Your AutoBrush  

If you’re new to AutoBrush, let’s go over the basics first! With its unique u-shaped design and ADA-approved BASS brushing technique, AutoBrush offers a superior brushing experience for both kids and adults.
Because it's an automatic toothbrush, you don't have to worry about moving the brush from tooth to tooth, missing a spot, or even applying too much pressure – AutoBrush takes care of all the nitty gritty details like that for you.
All you have to do is gently bite down on the u-shaped mouthpiece and move it back and forth and up and down for 60 seconds. And, voila! You have a full-mouth clean. 


The AutoBrush also has other features that you can’t find on any other toothbrush. 


These features include:

👉 3 LED light therapies*: Blue, red, and purple

👉 Different timer modes

👉 & kid friendly touches like animal shapes and music 


*Only available for the AutoBrush Pro version.


🦷 Toothy Tip: Not sure which AutoBrush is the right fit for you? Check out our guide here.


Like any other toothbrush, you need to practice consistent cleaning and care in order for an automatic toothbrush like AutoBrush to be able to give you your best smile everyday and for the years to come. (And this is especially important for little kiddos who tend to go through their toothbrushes like they're toothpicks!)


Make the most out of your AutoBrush investment by following these tips on how to maximize your AutoBrush's lifespan. 


Don’t Overcharge Your AutoBrush


Your AutoBrush is built to last up to a week with only 90 minutes required between each charge.

Charging it over and over again even when it still has a lot of charge will degrade the battery's quality and can shorten its lifespan. Do it often enough and you just might find yourself needing a new brush way sooner than you expected. So take note: you'll only need to charge your AutoBrush once the battery is low!

When your AutoBrush is not in use and it does not need charging, you can simply unplug the charger before placing the brush on the stand (it saves you a little bit on your electricity bill too!)


Store Your Brush In A Dry Place Between Uses

Humidity causes the AutoBrush’s battery capsule to be exposed to a higher rate of oxidation, causing corrosion long term.


To lessen this risk, make sure the area surrounding your AutoBrush (like where you place it on the sink) is dry. Wiping down the charging dock before placing your AutoBrush helps, too.


And if you want to lessen the humidity exposure even more, make sure to leave your bathroom well ventilated after every shower.


🦷 Toothy Trivia: AutoBrush comes in three different models, all at affordable price points and with different water resistances: 

👉 AutoBrush Basic comes in the kiddie-friendly Giselle the Giraffe design and is AutoBrush's first-ever manual toothbrush. Since it's not an automatic toothbrush, it doesn't need a water resistance feature
👉 AutoBrush is the standard model offers a simplified electric toothbrush experience for a no-frills, fresh-from-the-dentist feel for both kiddos and adults. It's water resistant so it can withstand a few splashes here and there.
👉 AutoBrush Pro offers our signature squeaky-clean feel with every brush plus all the bells and whistles, and also has a kid's version and an adult's version. It's fully waterproof and so you have that added peace of mind if you tend to forget to do a thorough wipe down of your brush now and then.


Clean Your Brush Head Separately

Cleaning your brush head separately is crucial in extending your AutoBrush's lifespan. Removing your brush head and cleaning and patting it dry it separately from the brush body ensures that no excess water gets inside your AutoBrush.


Gently grab the bottom of the brush head in one hand and the battery capsule in the other. Tug the brush head away from the brush body to remove it. Rinse any leftover toothpaste from the brush head by placing it under running water, and then shaking off excess water. We recommend you clean your brush head after every use, and disinfect it regularly to avoid bacteria buildup.  


Here are three ways to sanitize your brush head:

👉 Use hot water: Running hot water through the bristles of your brush head will help kill off bacteria that may have still been at the surface of your brush even after regular cleaning. Take note: the water should be hot enough to nearly produce steam.

👉 Soak in mouthwash: The same mouthwash that you use clean your mouth can be used to disinfect your brush head! Mouthwashes often contain antibacterial ingredients that can help neutralize the bacteria on your brush. We recommend soaking your brush head (bristle side down) in mouthwash for 2 minutes. Keep in mind that this method may wear down your toothbrush faster since the ingredients in mouthwash tend to be harsher and cause the bristles to break down faster

👉 UV sanitization: UV sanitization is a great, but sometimes costly, way to ensure your toothbrushes are bacteria free. Keep in mind that it's not required to run your brushes under UV light to sanitize them. Any of the other methods presented in this article can help with that too!


Replace Your Brush Head Every 2-3 Months

Replacing your brush head at the right time is all part of being good at brushing. The clues are there, but they aren’t quite as simple. Brush heads can suffer from bacteria build up when used for too long without replacement. Bristles can become worn and less effective. Essentially, if you wait too long to replace your brush head, you could be doing more harm than good to your teeth.


Different factors can influence exactly when it’s the right time to replace your AutoBrush brush head. Similar to a regular brush, if you’ve recently been sick, you probably want to replace it sooner rather than later. But, as a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to replace your AutoBrush brush head every 2-3 months on average.


Luckily, AutoBrush has an affordable and hassle-free brush head subscription so you don't have to worry about needing to know when you need a replacement.


Use AutoBrush Foaming Toothpaste

…because they’re awesome! But seriously, regular toothpaste contains abrasives that can harden on your AutoBrush if they’re not cleaned off properly. Our foaming toothpastes are specifically designed to go perfectly with your AutoBrush as they have lower viscosity compared to your regular toothpaste, making them easier to breakdown during a single 30-second brushing cycle and easier to wash off after every brush.


But using your own toothpaste works too! Apply three small dots across both sides of the brush head and run it under running water to break it down first. Since other toothpastes take a little bit longer to break down, this means that you'll need longer than a single 30-second cycle or the result may not be as good, compared to using a foaming toothpaste.


So while you can use regular toothpaste, we highly recommend using our foaming toothpaste for a better brushing experience and an easier clean after every brush. (Plus using our toothpaste's easy-to-rinse formula guarantees that your sink doesn’t end up looking like a mess!)


Our kids foaming toothpaste comes in two kiddie-approved flavors: bubblegum and strawberry while our adult foaming toothpaste comes in a cool mint flavor. 


Wipe Down Your AutoBrush Body Regularly

Lastly, making sure your AutoBrush body is always dry lessens the risk of the battery being exposed to moisture and possible corrosion. Make it a habit to wipe your brush body down after every brush.  


AutoBrush’s Lifetime Guarantee

For orders placed after October 4, 2021, the AutoBrush warranty is two years standard but while you stay subscribed to replacement brush heads, it’s a lifetime warranty!


What does my AutoBrush warranty cover?

Your AutoBrush warranty covers the following damages:
✅ Accidental damage

✅ Power surge protection

✅ Accidental damage from handling

✅ Accidental moisture damage

✅ Excess wear and tear

✅ Charging issues


What happens if I need to make a warranty claim?

To file a claim, please take a quick 5-10 second video (or picture) of the issue you are having and send that along with the email your account is under and your shipping address or order number to customercare@autobrush.com

Once your claim is received, our team will work to diagnose the issue and offer a replacement, if your claim is found to meet the conditions of our warranty.



A u-shaped toothbrush like the AutoBrush might just be the upgrade your dental routine needs. Though it might be pricier than your usual manual toothbrush, it's definitely the right step towards investing in better dental health. With constant care and proper maintenance, you can keep your AutoBrush running forever and reap the most out of your investment.


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