Which AutoBrush Brush is the Right Match For You?

Which u-shaped toothbrush is better: AutoBrush vs AutoBrush Pro vs AutoBrush Basic?

Looking for a better way to brush? With its unique u-shaped design and ADA-approved BASS brushing technique, the AutoBrush offers a superior clean at affordable price points. 

From its unique patented design to its clinically-proven effectiveness, let's dive into the reasons why AutoBrush might just be the right brush for you.

How is AutoBrush Different From Other Toothbrushes? 

Kids brushing with AutoBrush

Super Speedy Cleaning Experience 

With your typical manual or electric toothbrush, you need to move the brush around to get to all the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. This requires a certain level of fine-motor skills and requires you to spend 2 minutes brushing equally across all teeth to get a perfect clean. This is incredibly difficult to perfect as an adult, let alone expect a child to do it correctly every. single. time.

Since the AutoBrush is a whole mouth toothbrush, you easily clean all surface areas of your teeth (including the backs, and all the way to those back molars) at the same time, shortening brushing time from the recommended 2 minutes to just 30 seconds and with no user error. (No this doesn’t make for lazy brushers — AutoBrush helps you become efficient and achieve a dependable clean!)

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A+ Clinical Study Results

AutoBrush is the only clinically-proven whole mouth toothbrush that safely and effectively removes plaque. (Yeah, we’re pretty proud of that!)

In a clinical study by SALUS research, the AutoBrush was found to be “statistically superior to ADA manual toothbrushes.”

AutoBrush users were 27 times better at removing plaque from the whole mouth compared to manual toothbrush users. The reduction for the whole mouth for the manual toothbrush was only 1.9%. The AutoBrush toothbrush also significantly reduced plaque in the other test endpoints as shown in the graph below.

With the power of 20 toothbrushes in one, the AutoBrush eliminates user error and allows even the littlest brusher in your family to find confidence in their oral care routine. 


U-Shaped Design 

Last but certainly not least, AutoBrush’s patented nylon brush head provides a superior cleaning experience that cleans the fronts, backs, and tops of your teeth at once without irritating your gums. 

Here are a couple of other cool things AutoBrush’s brush head can do that your manual brush can’t: 

  • Contains up to 58,000 ultra-soft nylon bristles, perfectly angled at 45° to follow the ADA-approved BASS brushing technique
  • Cleans all surface areas of your teeth, eliminating user error
  • Gives you the same squeaky-clean feel as expensive electric toothbrushes but also brushes the entire surface area of all your teeth in 30 seconds flat
  • All brush heads are compatible with all AutoBrush models (so yes, you can also use an adult-sized brush head with any of our AutoBrush for Kids brush bodies!) 

    What are the differences between the AutoBrush Basic, AutoBrush, and AutoBrush Pro?

    While all three AutoBrushes remove plaque 27 times better than traditional brushes, they do have their own distinct differences. Let's take a closer look at what sets each one apart…

    AutoBrush Basic Features 

    AutoBrush Basic

    AutoBrush Basic comes in the kiddie-friendly Giselle the Giraffe design and is AutoBrush's first-ever manual toothbrush. Since it's not an electric toothbrush, it's the perfect option for little ones and kiddos with sensory issues.

    What you’ll love:

    ⭐ Doesn't need charging which comes in handy during travels 

    ⭐ The perfect training brush to help little ones get used to the u-shaped brush format

    ⭐ Soft to touch and its cute giraffe ears offer the perfect non-slip grip for tiny hands   

    ⭐ The only manual toothbrush that never misses a spot with its u-shaped design

    ⭐ Our most affordable AutoBrush

    AutoBrush Features

    AutoBrush Kids and Adult

    The standard AutoBrush offers a simplified electric toothbrush experience for a no-frills, fresh-from-the-dentist feel. The kid's brush comes in the Kori the Koala design, and the adult's brush comes in a solid white color.  

    What you’ll love:

    ⭐ Comes in one cleaning mode and a 30-second timer mode 

    ⭐ Water resistant 

    ⭐ Kid's brush plays fun music 

    ⭐ Its charging cord offers fuss-free charging

    ⭐ The more affordable AutoBrush automatic toothbrush

    AutoBrush Pro Features 

    AutoBrush Pro Kids and Adult

    Lastly, the AutoBrush Pro offers our signature squeaky-clean feel with every brush plus all the bells and whistles. The kid's brush is available in five cute animal designs and the adult's brush comes in four different colors.

    What you’ll love:

    ⭐ Offers a customized brushing experience with 3 cleaning modes and 3 timer modes 

    ⭐ Fully waterproof

    ⭐ Kid's brush plays fun jungle music

    ⭐ Offers 3 safe and functional LED light therapies

    ⭐ Comes with a charging base

    🦷️ Toothy Tip: Both the standard AutoBrush and the AutoBrush Pro charging stations are not waterproof and should always be placed in dry areas. Dry off your brush before attempting to charge. 

    Which AutoBrush is the Best Match For You

    Still not sure which AutoBrush to go with? Check out this chart to help you decide.

    Regardless of which AutoBrush you get, rest assured you'll be enjoying the perfect whole mouth clean with every brush.

    Try AutoBrush Before You Buy

    Your oral care is important, and choosing a toothbrush that works for you and your family is a big decision. At AutoBrush, we stand by our products and want you to feel confident in your choice. Now you can try an AutoBrush for 14 days FREE before purchasing. 

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