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“This is a really great toothbrush to get your kids on the routine of oral care. It makes it fun! It makes it exciting!”

—Dr. Mikaeya Kalantatri, Pediatric Dentist

Automatic Tongue Scraper

Automatic Tongue Scraper

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Enhance your oral hygiene with our top-rated electric tongue scraper.

  • AutoBrush Automatic Tongue Scrapper - the most effective tongue scrapper for kids and adults.
  • Using brush vibrations, scraper removes bacteria from top to bottom.
  • Helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria and achieve fresher breath. 
  • Compatible with kid and adult brushes.
  • Check out our FAQ's here!
Upgrade your oral hygiene with the autobrush® Automatic Tongue Scraper. Suitable for both kids and adults, this scraper uses electric vibrations for efficient, odor-eliminating tongue cleaning. Proven more effective when paired with brushing, it provides a thorough, bacteria-free clean for a fresher, healthier mouth.
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Regular priceSale price $10 $15
Regular price $10

Subscriptions Ship Free

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AutoBrush® Kids

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes autobrush different than regular toothbrushes?

We are the only u-shaped toothbrush with a patented nylon brush head (as opposed to silicone) with a clinical study to back our claims. In our study with Salus Research, they found autobrush removed plaque 27X better than a traditional brush.

Additionally, in our most recent study revealed that AutoBrush achieves a remarkable 45% reduction in gingivitis after 30 days of use, providing a 5X greater reduction in gum inflammation compared to manual toothbrushes.

Read our results summary

Do cheaper u-shaped toothbrushes clean just as good as autobrush?

Nope! Those knockoffs with silicone bristles were shown in several studies to be as effective as not brushing at all.

How effective is autobrush on the gum line?

In our clinical study with Salus Research, autobrush was proven to clean a full 20X better along the gumline than a traditional toothbrush.

You can read the whole study here:

Read our results summary

Read the full study

Are there clinical studies to prove autobrush works?

We have 1 clinical study (at the moment, more to come!). We are the only u-shaped toothbrush on the market shown to brush even better than traditional manual toothbrushes.

Read our results summary

Read the full study

What are your customer happiness policies?

  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty while you stay subscribed
  • Hassle free returns
  • Free shipping on orders $125+ or when you subscribe!
  • Supports Oral Health

    Prevents bacteria-related dental issues.

  • Reduces Bad Breath

    Removes bacteria and food particles that cause halitosis.

  • Boosts Overall Health

    Lowers risk of systemic issues from oral bacteria.

  • Enhances Taste

    Clears taste buds, improving flavor perception.

Fresher Breath, Cleaner Mouth, Better Health!

Essential for everyone's daily routine, tongue scraping significantly enhances oral health for both kids and adults. This quick practice combats bad breath, improves taste, and prevents oral diseases by removing bacteria and debris. An automatic tongue scraper offers a simple, effective step toward a healthier mouth and overall well-being.

Parents & Dentists Love autobrush!

“This is a really great toothbrush to get your kids on the routine of oral care. It makes it fun! It makes it exciting! The angle of the bristles and the more powerful vibrations are really going to go far into getting the teeth clean.”

Dr. Mikaeya Kalantatri

Pediatric Dentist

autobrush®: Sonic Pro Kids Bundle

Makes Brushing Fun

“The autobrush for Kids really takes the chore out of brushing. I think this is great for all children because it makes brushing super fun. It's a great motivator. It can also be really good for those with special needs or sensory issues."

Kelly Hancock

Registered Dental Hygienist

autobrush®: Sonic Pro Kids Sibling Pack Bundle

Get Your Kids Excited

“If you have such a struggle getting them (your kids) brushing in the first place, this is a really great option. The music is what got my kids excited about it and love it!"

Dr. Clara D. Griffey

Doctor of Dental Surgery

autobrush®: Sonic Pro Kids

Can't Stop Raving About This

I truly feel that so many kids who might struggle with a manual toothbrush would love using this.

Dr. Paulina Ghassabian

autobrush®: Sonic Pro Kids Total Package

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Abby is my 6 year old daughter who was born with Cerebral Palsy. CP affects all aspects of Abby's Life. I have implemented tools like autobrush for Kids to increase her independence! We got our first toothbrush in September of 2021 and the 1st week we got it my daughter started brushing her teeth 4 times a day all by herself & completely independently, which is such a win for us as parents.

Julie F.

from Florida

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autobrush is really helping me instill good dental hygiene habits in my kids! It is also dentist approve which is a huge relief. We have tried a few other kinds of 360 toothbrushes from other companies and they kept breaking or losing the charge until they eventually just died. We decided to just spend the money on the big name and you can tell right away that the quality blows everyone else out of the water.


from Texas

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We've tried all versions of autobrush and this is the best. I've been following this brand for a long time since I first heard about them a few years ago. Saw the ups and downs and positive and negative reviews and I've been waiting for a brush head with nylon bristles. Now they have one and it's been worth the wait! I whip this thing around in my mouth for thirty seconds and I get that nice clean feeling on my teeth.

David B.

from New York

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Prior to the autobrush, we would bribe our 4 year old to brush her teeth. She used to scream and throw fits when it was time to brush her teeth. Now, she wakes up and immediately brushes her teeth without hesitation. Not only does she love it, but it is cleaning her teeth better than her previous mechanical toothbrush. Love this product!

Tori M.

from Connecticut

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers! Check out our full customer care center for more info

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How does an automatic tongue scraper differ from a traditional one?

The autobrush Automatic Tongue Scraper streamlines cleaning with its oscillating scraping motion, efficiently removing debris and bacteria without manual effort. This advanced system offers a more consistent and thorough cleaning experience compared to traditional scrapers.

Is it safe to use for children, and from what age?

The autobrush Tongue Scraper is safe for children, designed with gentle technology to ensure it doesn't harm the delicate tongue surface. However, it is generally recommended for children aged 6 and above, under adult supervision, to ensure safe and proper usage.

How do I clean and maintain the automatic tongue scraper?

Maintaining the autobrush scraper is simple: detach the head rinse it under running water after each use, and periodically replace it as indicated by the manufacturer. The device itself can be wiped with a damp cloth, ensuring it remains hygienic and functional.

The autobrush scraper is engineered to be gentle on your tongue, using an automated, controlled motion to avoid causing irritation or harm. Users should follow the guided movement and avoid pressing too hard to ensure a comfortable experience.