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Stories On The Spectrum: Meet Emma & Lily

 My name’s Emma. I’m a West Coast-based writer/editor and mother of almost four littles. My husband Warren and I have an 11-year-old beautifully autistic daughter named Lily, a  9-year-old son named Calvin, and a nearly 2-year-old son named Jared. I’m due to give birth to another girl (Roslynn) in early May.  

Stories On The Spectrum: Meet Jessie & Jackson

My name is Jessie Lipscomb & I’m an illustrator! I have 3 kids (that I had back to back 🙃) Fun facts: I have over 20 tattoos, I don’t like condiments or sauces, and was an All-State across Country runner in high school.

How AutoBrush Helped Nicole

Nicole is an entrepreneur and mom of two adorable boys. Being a working mom, finding a parent hack in AutoBrush®️ has been a huge help in keeping her boys’ teeth clean (no more wrestling matches in the bathroom!), especially for her youngest who has sensory issues. Now, everyone in her family is a big AutoBrush® fan! 

Introducing Our New Line of Brush Heads

As part of the cleaning experience, the brush heads we use are made from soft-touch, gentle silicone that previously came in different size variants (3–7, 8+ and Adult’s). Some of the feedback we received from customers included that the size breakdowns weren’t adequate for growing children, or for those adults with larger mouths or smaller mouths.