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Welcome to revolutionary bristle strip technology in our first ever smart brush.

Traditional, manual and electric toothbrushes clean only as well as your brushing technique and discipline. And even with good technique, these outdated products don’t have the ability to clean everywhere in your mouth. The geometry of the brush simply doesn’t allow it.

AutoBrush® is an automatic electric toothbrush that brushes all of your teeth at once, with bristles that cater to your teeth so every spot is covered. This means faster brushing time, and bristles that are incredibly powerful and effective, removing 99.99% of germs. AutoBrush® gets all the difficult-to-reach and inter-dental regions, with no effort from you for automatic, smart cleaning.


AutoBrush® is also equipped with built-in Dental grade, LED technology, giving you the option of automatic teeth whitening to both clean and whiten your teeth at the same time!


History of Automatic ToothBrush Development


The bristles are aligned in a 45° angle against the gum line, and the silicone material safely rubs against teeth and gums instead of scratching for long-term damage like nylon traditional bristles. The pressure against your teeth is light, while subtle vibrations move the bristles back-and-forth, allowing them to remove plaque and keeping your gums undamaged.


A Boy With AutoBrush


At AutoBrush®, we believe less can indeed be more. We’re constantly testing and refining the method to optimize dental cleaning so that you don’t have to!