The Kid-Proof Toothbrush

Clinically proven to remove plaque 27x better than a manual toothbrush. Help your little ones brush better with a brush they’ll WANT to use.

Why AutoBrush For Kids?

Help your kiddos brush better with the only 360° toothbrush designed with kids in mind.

  • Error-Free Clean

    Stop worrying whether your little ones are brushing properly. AutoBrush eliminates user error.
  • Kid-Friendly Design

    Fun lights and music keep them engaged and encourage them to keep brushing.
  • Dentist-Approved

    AutoBrush utilizes the ADA-endorsed BASS brushing technique with expertly crafted bristles angled at 45°.
  • Fast & Effective

    Forget frantic mornings fighting over brushing. They’ll get a whole mouth clean in 30 seconds flat.

Why AutoBrush?

Discover the all-in-one toothbrush BuzzFeed called “the Tesla of toothbrushes”.

  • 2-in-1 Cleaning & Whitening

    Whitening blue light gives you dental-grade whitening at home.
  • 30-Second Clean

    Save an entire waking day each year by brushing all surface areas of your teeth in just 30 seconds.
  • Dentist-Approved

    AutoBrush utilizes the ADA-endorsed BASS brushing technique with expertly crafted bristles angled at 45°.
  • Perfect for Sensitive Gums

    Ultrasoft bristles + soothing red light therapy prevents and reverses receding gums.

AutoBrush for the Whole Family

Brush better together. From the smallest kiddo to the big kid at heart, your entire family is certain to find a brush that will fit their smile.

Shine 6 Shades Brighter

Effortlessly whiten while you brush without pain or sensitivity when you pair the AutoBrush with our advanced whitening toothpaste and whitening blue light. Add in daily whitening treatments for teeth up to 6 shades whiter in just 10 days.

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Families Love AutoBrush®

My son absolutely loves AutoBrush!

It used to be so hard to get him to brush his teeth, but now it’s something that he actually looks forward to. I feel a lot better about his dental health because I know that AutoBrush cleans every single tooth. I had been searching for a solution and finally found AutoBrush as a solution. I highly recommend it!

AutoBrush Kids
You can't beat it

I have the adult version of this and my eight year old daughter loves that we have the same toothbrush. It makes her feel like she's not a little kid and just like mommy, but her's has a design that she likes. It brushes well and for the price you can't beat it. It works better and is most cost effective than other electric toothbrush!


My nephew has leukemia and needs to brush his teeth to avoid mouth sores and FINALLY THIS PRODUCT HELPED! He loves brushing his teeth and dancing to the music. Forever thankful for this product!

Loving the compliments

I never took brushing too seriously and always found it a hassle. My friends shared this with me and it was on sale so I thought, "Why not?" Best purchase of 2021 so far! Now, I'm getting compliments on my smile.

Great addition

I feel like this LED light is a great addition to regular brushing. I have bad staining from coffee and tea and I feel like this has helped diminish the stains a little in the time I have had it. It is easy to use and I like the different vibrations that can be picked.

AutoBrush 4
I finally feel confident in my kids’ teeth cleaning

We have always tried to teach good teeth brushing habits but my kids still were getting cavities from not doing it quite right. So I bought this brush and it has helped so much! Not to mention my kids have so much fun using it. I’m grateful for such a well thought out and FUN product!

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