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“This is a really great toothbrush to get your kids on the routine of oral care. It makes it fun! It makes it exciting!”

—Dr. Mikaeya Kalantatri, Pediatric Dentist

Replenishment Pack

Replenishment Pack

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Discover the ultimate complete oral care package.

  • autobrush Replenishment Package - Complete oral care accessories package.
  • Offers brush head replacement, toothpaste, and flossers. 
  • Foaming toothpaste is available with fluoride or hydroxyapatite, our fluoride-free alternative.
  • Made with non-toxic natural ingredients that promote healthy mouths and bodies. 
  • Check out our FAQ's here!
Strawberry Fluoride Bubblegum Fluoride Mint Fluoride Watermelon Fluoride Strawberry Nano-HAp Bubblegum Nano-HAp Mint Nano-HAp Watermelon Nano-HAp
Ages 3 - 5 Ages 6 - 8 Ages 9 - 12 Women (Small) Men (Regular) XL (Larger Fit)