AutoBrush® Pro: Nylon vs Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have seen a rise in popularity in the past few years. But even with the upgraded features and added benefits, these brushes still come with some drawbacks. 

With the release of the new AutoBrush Pro – a combination of unique design and American Dental Association-approved brushing technique – will we finally see a 21st-century toothbrush that doesn’t fall short? 

What is AutoBrush Pro?

AutoBrush Pro Family Pack

AutoBrush Pro comes to you from the original U-shaped mouthpiece toothbrush, now with an expertly crafted nylon brush head.

It offers the same 60-second clean with an enhanced cleaning experience, using new nylon brush heads that give you that squeaky clean, fresh-from-the-dentist feeling. 

The AutoBrush Pro is taking the future of oral hygiene to the next level, offering the best cleaning experience of any automatic toothbrush on the market.

How AutoBrush Pro Cleans Your Teeth

The AutoBrush Pro’s patented nylon brush head utilizes up to 28,000 ultra-soft bristles and applies the ADA-approved BASS brushing technique to effectively loosen and remove plaque. It also brushes at an optimal 45° angle with up to 30,000 sonic pulses per minute. 

Because of its unique U-shaped mouthpiece brush head, AutoBrush Pro effectively cleans all surface areas of your teeth (including the backs, and all the way to those back molars) at the same time, shortening brushing time from the recommended 2 minutes to just 30 seconds.

AutoBrush Pro vs Electric Toothbrush

AutoBrush Pro vs Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes have definitely improved the brushing experience for some people, with  the brush’s bristles vibrating or oscillating to help effectively remove plaque from teeth and gums. 

This automation particularly helps those with limited mobility and those with braces, veneers and the like. 

But the electric toothbrush’s best feature is also its biggest drawback. The vibrations can be too harsh on teeth and gums, even causing sensitivity and gum recession in some cases. The strong shaking and loud noise can also be sensory overload for some people. 

And even with the rotations of the electric brush, proper brushing technique and the recommended 2-minute brushing time still need to be followed. This means even with the automation, it’s still very possible to miss crucial spots when brushing.

AutoBrush Pro on the other hand, gives your mouth the same superior clean but without the cons. It even utilizes more features to give you a customizable and more holistic oral care routine.

Pros of Using AutoBrush Pro

  • Exceptional cleaning experience
  • ADA-approved BASS brushing technique
  • 30-second clean
  • 28,000 ultra-soft bristles
  • Cutting-edge LED oral health therapies
  • 3 personalized cleaning modes

Cons of Using AutoBrush Pro

  • Pricier than some electric toothbrushes with less features
  • With specific accessories that are exclusively available online

Is AutoBrush Pro Right for You?

Because of its innovative mouthpiece design and automatic system, AutoBrush Pro makes it exceptionally easy to keep a good oral care routine. On top of good-quality teeth cleaning, it provides other oral care benefits that you just can’t get from your regular electric toothbrush.

AutoBrush Pro for Multi-Taskers

AutoBrush is the only all-in-one oral health care tool to combine brushing, whitening, and cutting-edge light therapy. It effectively cleans and whitens teeth at the same time - a definite plus for regular coffee and wine drinkers. Its whitening blue LED light whitening teeth up to 8 shades brighter than traditional treatments alone. And because of its U-shaped mouthpiece design, it saves you an entire day per year by brushing all your teeth in 30 seconds.

AutoBrush Pro Kids

It’s important for children to start good oral care habits early. This not only gives them a healthy smile but also helps them stay strong against possible illnesses and other teeth problems later on.

Specially designed for little ones, AutoBrush Pro Kids comes in quirky animal designs and plays funky jungle music, making brushing fun. 

It also gives parents peace of mind as their children can brush all surface areas of their teeth at once in just 30 seconds. No user error.

AutoBrush Pro for Persons with Disabilities

Electric toothbrushes can be difficult to use for children and adults with sensory issues. AutoBrush Pro’s innovative design helps people experience a better and more independent brushing experience without overloading the senses with loud noise and strong vibrations.

AutoBrush Pro for Sensitive Gums

Electric toothbrushes can be harsh on sensitive gums and teeth. 

AutoBrush Pro’s ultra-soft bristles, customizable cleaning mode, and gum-soothing red light therapy ensures it’s gentle on gums while still effectively cleaning teeth. Brushing using the Massage Mode is the most recommended for those with sensitive gums.

AutoBrush Pro FAQs

How does AutoBrush Pro clean the back of the teeth?

AutoBrush Pro utilizes a unique U-shaped mouthpiece brush head that cleans all surface areas of your teeth, including the backs, and all the way to those back molars.

Does AutoBrush Pro work with braces?

Yes, AutoBrush Pro is safe for braces. Take note that you still need to floss daily!

Do I still need to move the brush around in my mouth?

Yes. It’s still important to brush correctly to get the best clean from your AutoBrush Pro. First, gently bite down on the brush head and add some light suction to bring the bristles even closer to your teeth. And then move the brush around in a circular motion and side-to-side as you continue to bite down on the brush head to target cavity-prone areas and reach the gum lines. 

Is the new AutoBrush Pro safe for sensitive gums?

Yes, we recommend using the Massage Mode for a gentler cleaning experience.

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