Clinical Study: The Science Behind AutoBrush

Putting AutoBrush to the Test

At AutoBrush, two of our core values are to innovate and exceed expectations.

Not only does the AutoBrush team aim to disrupt the dental industry, but to provide only the best products, best experience, and ability to create the best habits for those that use AutoBrush. We want you to feel confident in the choices you make for your family. 

This is why we are ecstatic to share that AutoBrush is the only clinically-proven wholemouth toothbrush that safely and effectively removes plaque. 

Before we get into the results of the clinical study, let’s first cover why AutoBrush is needed.


Engineered with Little Smiles in Mind

Clinical studies have shown that both manual and electric toothbrushes are highly effective – when used correctly. 

This requires you or your child to consistently brush using the ADA’s recommendations including:

→ Angling the brush’s bristles at a 45°

→ Using an adequate amount of pressure

→ Brushing for the entire duration of 2 minutes

Talk about an impossible feat for wiggly kiddos that are still developing their fine-motor skills.

In fact, 42% of children aged 2 to 11 suffer from tooth decay as reported by The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

We are human. We make mistakes. We rush through brushing, miss spots, or neglect proper brushing technique. 

The AutoBrush is the only whole-mouth toothbrush that is clinically proven to efficiently, safely, and effectively remove plaque. With the power of 20 toothbrushes in one, the AutoBrush eliminate user-error and allows even the littlest brusher in your family to find confidence in their oral care routine. 


AutoBrush Clinical Study: The Results

SALUS research conducted a clinical study in which AutoBrush users were measured against a control group of manual toothbrush users. Twenty-two children, ranging between the ages of 5 to 8 years old, were randomized to receive each treatment and completed the study. Before brushing their teeth with the AutoBrush, the children were asked to watch AutoBrush’s Introductory How-To video included below. No further instruction was given.

The results are outstanding.

SALUS research found the AutoBrush to be “statistically superior to ADA manual toothbrushes”.

AutoBrush users were 27 times better at removing plaque from the whole mouth compared to manual toothbrush users. The reduction for whole mouth for the manual toothbrush was only 1.9%. The AutoBrush toothbrush also significantly reduced plaque in the other test endpoints as shown in the graph below.


AutoBrush users were also more successful at removing plaque from harder to reach areas including facial and lingual gumline, and facial and lingual proximal sites than ADA manual toothbrush users.  Facial gumline and lingual gumline reductions both exceeded 70% as shown in the graph below. 

🦷️ Download the full clinical study here.


Why Other U-Shaped Toothbrushes Don’t Work

After a quick google search for “u-shaped toothbrushes”, you’ll find several knockoffs that claim to be us. Do not be fooled! Many of available u-shaped toothbrushes out there use silicone bristles that do NOT effectively clean teeth. In fact, studies show that using these types of mouthpiece toothbrushes are just as effective as not brushing your teeth at all. So while their cheaper price tag may be tempting, they are ultimately a waste of money.

Why AutoBrush Works 

AutoBrush’s double-sided nylon brush heads are expertly designed to create an achievable high-quality brushing experience at home. The AutoBrush equips over 58,000 soft nylon-bristles that are abrasive enough to efficiently and safely remove plaque from all surfaces of the teeth. 

Here’s what sets our brush heads apart…


Here at AutoBrush our mission is simple: replace the toothbrush. The AutoBrush is an oral care solution you can depend on to protect the smiles of your family, your community, and generations to come. Brushing 27 times better than a manual toothbrush is a life-changing result. Now families can have fewer dental problems, fewer dental costs, and healthier, brighter smiles.


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