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AutoBrush® Extra Brush Head


AutoBrush® Extra Brush Head


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  • Description

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    Enjoy superior 360° clean in just 30 seconds.

    Because of its format and food-grade silicone bristles, the AutoBrush Brush Head effectively cleans all surface areas of your teeth (including the backs, and all the way to those back molars) at the same time, shortening brushing time from the recommended 2 minutes to just 30 seconds.

    It also applies the American Dental Association-approved BASS brushing technique of cleaning at an optimal 45° angle to effectively loosen and remove plaque.

    Tap the second photo to view brush head measurements. Additional information on how to properly choose your size can be found HERE.

    It is recommended to replace your brush head every 3 months. 

  • How to Use
    1. To attach: Align the hole on the outside of the brush head's center with the connector located on top of the AutoBrush® brush body and push down.

    2. To detach: Gently grab the bottom of the brush head in one hand and the battery capsule in the other. Tug the brush head away from the brush body to remove it.

    3. To clean: Rinse any leftover toothpaste from the brush head by placing it under running water, and then shaking off excess water.

    4. It is recommended to replace your brush head every 3 months.
  • Our Cause

    We believe that all smiles are beautiful and want everyone to have access to resources needed to achieve their healthiest smile. Unfortunately, too many children around the world don’t have the safe, reliable oral care they need in order to feel like their happiest, healthiest selves.

    Here at AutoBrush® we're dedicated to revolutionizing oral hygiene and providing the best possible at-home dental care.

    A big part of that is also giving back to dental care for youth. In 2021, a donation was made to the ADA Foundation for the Give Kids A Smile program to help more underserved children have access to dental care.

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AutoBrush® Extra Brush Head

AutoBrush® Extra Brush Head


Are the brush heads eco-friendly?
Our brush heads are made from recyclable, food-grade silicone, which is highly durable and more ocean-friendly than plastic.
How frequently should I replace my brush head?
Every 3 months. Psst...subscribe so you don’t forget + you save more that way!
How does the AutoBrush reach the back molars?
Our brush heads have a unique U-shaped format that cleans all surface areas of your teeth, including the backs, and all the way to those back molars. To ensure you get the best clean, gently bite down on the brush head and add some light suction to bring the bristles even closer to your teeth. And then move the brush around in a circular motion and side-to-side as you continue to bite down on the brush head to target cavity-prone areas and reach the gum lines.
How do I pick the right brush size?
Kids sizes run true to size. If your little one is on the cusp, we recommend sizing up. Most adults need the standard size. Only order XL if you have a very large mouth. Tap the second product photo on this page to check out the size chart.