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AutoBrush® Advanced Whitening Toothpaste


AutoBrush® Advanced Whitening Toothpaste

  • Description

    A better clean + a brighter smile

    The AutoBrush Advanced Whitening Toothpaste gives you next-level whitening results without causing extra sensitivity or discomfort. The powerful whitening agent effectively removes stubborn stains, like coffee and red wine.

    You'll love the cool, minty flavor and the ultra-soft foam texture that penetrates along the gumline, targeting hard-to-reach spots. Forget waiting on your toothbrush to foam up your traditional paste. With our pre-foaming toothpaste, you simply apply the foam to your brush head and start brushing.

    BONUS: It doubles as a mouthwash! 

  • Benefits
    • Removes difficult stains, including wine and coffee.
    • Dentist recommended active whitening ingredient - sodium phytate.
    • Enamel-safe for daily use.
    • Neutralizes harmful acids before they damage teeth.
    • Penetrates between teeth and along the gumline for a deep clean.
    • Removes more carcinogenic plaque in hard to reach places than regular toothpaste due to its superior density.
    • Fights & resists the contamination of processed foods.
    • Refreshing mint flavor. 
    • Optimal for people seeking a quicker, more intense daily whitening method. For people seeking milder whitening and for those with sensitivity, we recommend the original Whitening Foam Toothpaste! 
  • How to Use

    1. Run our Advanced Whitening Foam Toothpaste along top and bottom of Brush Head from one end to the other and insert Brush Head into your mouth. 

    2. Firmly press button on front face of battery capsule to activate. Grip and move the AutoBrush® back and forth for a deeper clean.

    3. Spit out residue and rinse at the end of your AutoBrush® session.

    4. Use twice daily for optimal results. 


    *Your paste can also be used as a mouthwash! See how here:

  • Ingredients

    Aqua, Nano Silver Solution, Xylitol, Alkyl Glycoside, Peg-40 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Stevia Rebadiana Extract, LS 95, PVP-K30, Peppermint Flavor, Calcium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Sodium Phytate

  • Our Cause

    We believe that all smiles are beautiful and want everyone to have access to resources needed to achieve their healthiest smile. Unfortunately, too many children around the world don’t have the safe, reliable oral care they need in order to feel like their happiest, healthiest selves.

    Here at AutoBrush® we're dedicated to revolutionizing oral hygiene and providing the best possible at-home dental care.

    A big part of that is also giving back to dental care for youth. In 2021, a donation was made to the ADA Foundation for the Give Kids A Smile program to help more underserved children have access to dental care.

    AutoBrush Donation


AutoBrush® Advanced Whitening Toothpaste


What’s the difference between Whitening and Advanced Whitening?
Our Advanced Whitening Toothpaste contains sodium phytate as the whitening agent to remove tough stains from things like coffee, red wine, etc.
How do I use the foam toothpaste as mouthwash?
Easy! Apply 2 pumps directly into your mouth and swish for 30 seconds. Spit, rinse, and you’re done.
Does this toothpaste contain SLS?
Nope. All AutoBrush foam toothpastes are SLS-free.
Why doesn’t the toothpaste contain fluoride?
We are cautious of the health risks associated with excess fluoride consumption. Because many households receive plenty of fluoride through their drinking water, we’re proud to offer a cavity-fighting alternative.
Is it safe to swallow this toothpaste?
Yes; this is a big reason we’re so cautious about our ingredients. While we don’t recommend drinking the foam (no matter how much you like it!), it’s perfectly safe if swallowed in small amounts.