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Braces Diet

Try these foods to avoid pain eating with new braces.

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Ice Cream
Mac and Cheese
Taking Care of New Braces

Getting Braces


A fresh pair of braces is a giant step in any adolescent’s life. They will help make your teeth straight and attractive, letting the wearer go confidently into the future. As helpful as they are, braces are also a big commitment. Metal contraptions that get built into your mouth also require some upkeep. Some foods aren’t good to eat for people with braces because it can get stuck and even be painful to eat. We’ve put together a cheat sheet for easy foods to eat with braces, so if you’re ever in a jam and want something safe and easy to eat, we’ve got you covered.




Vegetables are good food for braces.


Vegetables are great for your health but they are also a safe choice to eat with braces. Roasted or sauteed vegetables are your best bet as raw vegetables like carrots might be a little too hard for braces. Boiling vegetables will get them the softest, but any method will do.




Pancakes are good food for braces.


Everyone’s favorite morning cake, pancake, is not only a tasty breakfast treat, but it’s soft, fluffy, and easy for someone with braces to eat. You’ll be left without any soreness after this breakfast.


Ice Cream


Ice cream is good food for braces.


While on the topic of treats and sweets, ice cream is one of the obvious choices for braces. It’s soft and melts in your mouth, so there’s no chance of it irritating your braces or mouth. Remember that ice cream is a dessert and not a meal, and try to avoid ice cream with add ons like candies! These can get stuck in your braces and be hard to chew.




Yogurt is good food for braces.


A great choice if you’re looking for something substantial for breakfast. Yogurt has plenty of nutrition including protein and vitamins, and can be a meal for breakfast. Any food that doesn’t require chewing is excellent for someone with braces.




Bananas are good food for braces.


These aren’t just for Gwen Stefani songs, they’re also for people with braces! They’re soft, and require no utensils. Not only that, but they’re portable! Easy to have on the go or even bring with your for a snack during the day.


Mac and Cheese


Mac and cheese is good food for braces.


Even though you need to chew mac and cheese, it’s quite soft. Boiled pasta is easy to chew, as is melted, gooey cheese. Yum! If you’re looking for a “real meal” to eat with new braces, mac and cheese might fill that craving.


Take Care of Your Braces


Brushing can be hard with braces, especially in the beginning. There’s a whole lot more to brush, and your teeth will be sore. A great toothbrush for braces is the AutoBrush, an automatic toothbrush that utilizes a 360-degree mouthpiece and subtle, soft vibrations to brush the mouth. The AutoBrush is less harsh and forceful than using a traditional brush manually. The AutoBrush is also more effective at cleaning out braces than a regular brush, getting all the nooks and crannies where food gets stuck.

When you invest in braces, it’s important to invest a good brush, too.


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