5 Reasons Why Parents are Switching to autobrush

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"These "Auto" Toothbrushes Help Your Little Kides Brush on Their Own - Hallelujah!"

"The 'AutoBrush' Is Improving Oral Health"

"AutoBrush makes brushing more exciting, implementing different technologies that would cost hundreds of dollars individually"

1. Your Kid is Missing Spots 🙈

Brushing every single surface area of every tooth is just too difficult for a still-learning kiddo. It’s honestly too difficult for many adults!

Even with help from their grownup, it’s just too hard to brush every single surface for the right amount of time with the right brushing technique.

AutoBrush uses a double-sided u-shaped brush head with nylon bristles perfectly angled at 45 degrees to effectively remove plaque from every spot, every time.

2. Your Kid is Still Getting Cavities 😩

As reported by the CDC, tooth decay is the #1 chronic disease in kids. That’s because kids using traditional brushes only remove 1.9% of plaque from the entire mouth. It’s hard to believe that this is the best tool we’ve been given for something so important to overall health!

AutoBrush completed a study with Salus research that showed kids brushing with AutoBrush removed 27X more plaque from the entire mouth.

The results were even more impressive in hard to reach areas - removing 71% of plaque (compared to 3.5%) along the gumline, and 49% of plaque (compared to absolutely none) from the lingual surface, the backs of their teeth.

3. Traditional Toothbrushes are Boring 😴

No kid is going to be excited looking at a plain old brush that feels like a chore. Even with pictures of their favorite characters, these brushes aren’t appealing to kids at their level.

AutoBrush was designed to keep little brushers engaged. Each brush fully embodies a friendly animal character, a built-in brushing song, and kid-safe LED lights.

4. Two Minutes is Just Too Long 🙄

Have you ever met a kid who brushes for the full recommended 120 seconds? Yeah, me either.

The ADA recommends brushing each quadrant, or quarter, of the mouth for 30 seconds each. Because AutoBrush brushes all quadrants at once, it cuts the entire brushing time in ¼ - bringing it down to just 30 seconds and saving them an entire waking day each year.

5. Fighting Brush Wars is Just Not It 😖

In a parenting age all about autonomy and gentle parenting, forcing your child into tooth brushing against their will doesn’t align with any of the latest research.

But…not brushing isn’t exactly an option.

AutoBrush solves this problem, offering a toothbrush kids WANT to use. In fact, our #1 complaint is that parents can’t get their little one to stop brushing!

Nothing Else Compares

It's no wonder why dentists recommend it to their patients:

Woman with dark hair smiling, wearing white top and black necklace.

Dr. Mikaeya Kalantari, Pediatric Dentist

"This is a really great toothbrush to get your kids on the routine of oral care. It makes it fun! It makes it exciting! The angle of the bristles and the more powerful vibrations are really really going to go far into getting the teeth clean."

Smiling woman with necklace.

Dr. Clara D. Griffey, DDS

“If you have such a struggle getting them (your kids) brushing in the first place, this is a really great option. The music is what got my kids excited about it and love it!"

Kelly Hancock, RDH

“The AutoBrush for Kids really takes the chore out of brushing. I think this is great for all children because it makes brushing super fun. It's a great motivator. It can also be really good for those with special needs or sensory issues."

Innovative, Kid-proof AutoBrush Toothbrush

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Frequently Asked Questions

"Dentists everywhere say these don't work! So, what makes AutoBrush different?"

It’s tricky. Most dentists are familiar with u-shaped brushes as a category, rather than our exact model. We are the only u-shaped toothbrush with a patented nylon brush head (as opposed to silicone) with a clinical study to back our claims. In our study with Salus research, they found AutoBrush removed plaque 27X better than a traditional brush.