Celebrating Mother's Day with AutoBrush

In the AutoBrush community, we have countless mothers who are caring, unique, and looking for the best way to support the little ones in their life. 

Motherhood is not one event but is a scrapbook of moments. From brushing teeth together in the bathroom to kissing scraped knees and elbows, mothers play an important role day in and day out. We are in awe of all you do to raise your growing humans to be the happiest and healthiest they can be. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we asked a couple of mamas to share one “scrapbook moment” in their motherhood journey. 

We hope they bring as big of a smile to your face as they did to ours and wish all mothers the happiest Mother’s Day. 

AutoBrush Mother’s Day Stories 

A Child Compassion

“A true gem of a motherhood story for me was when my son looked up at me and said "Mama, if everyone in the city pulled together a dollar each, each week, then there would be no more homeless people because they would have enough money to live". That's when I knew being a mother with all the hard times was all worth it to hear true compassion in my child's voice.”- Kristal R.

The Best Boy Ever! 

“My almost 4 year old son used to tell me (mom) that I was his best boy ever.” - Kelly M

Bye-Bye Cavities 

“Since my kids started going to the dentist (around 3 & 4 years old), we had NEVER left an appointment without cavities. My sister in law told me about AutoBrush and we figured we should give the toothbrushes a try.  

My kids just went in for their 6 month visit and it is the very first time they have both left cavity free!  They also told me that my son had hardly any plaque on his back teeth. The only thing we had changed was that I bought them these toothbrushes! 

They are 6 and 7 years old now and I am so thrilled that we finally found a great way for them to brush their teeth (and limit our visits to the dentist)! So thank you! I've told everybody I know about these brushes for their kids. What a game changer! With so many activities and other things going on, extra trips to the dentist are not at the top of my list of fun things to do, LOL.

Thanks and have a great day!” - Jessica, I

It Takes a Village

“I found out that I was pregnant while my husband and I were performing with the Brewery Follies in Virginia City, Montana (a musical comedy variety show in a Montana tourist town). During the summers, the town is booming with tourism and nightlife. In the winter, the actual population dwindles down to around 100 people. The entire town has one flashing traffic light and one paved road.

My husband and I decided to plant ourselves in Virginia City through the pregnancy and first year of our daughter's life. Because I was pregnant and preparing for the arrival of our daughter, I kept mostly to myself nesting. Every now and then we would attend a social event, but because my previous experiences in  that town had been during tourist seasons, I didn't really know many locals.

About a month before my daughter was born, I was invited to lunch by a sweet older lady I knew in passing at the post office. It turned out to be a huge baby shower with all the ladies in town - many I had never met before.

And then, when our daughter was born, we experienced a second wave of love - this time by men and women alike. Neighbors dropped meals, diapers, and once again showered us with kindness. And again - many of these folks we didn't even know.

We already knew - but this confirmed what a special community Virginia City, MT has and maintains. Amazing people, amazing town, and blind love for your neighbors does exist.” - Elizabeth C

Solving “The Puke Face”

“Before purchasing the AutoBrush, my four year old daughter struggled with brushing. Every time she finished brushing her teeth she’d come to me, open her mouth as wide as can be, and breathe directly in my face to show how good she was. I would look (and smell) and if I saw some missed spots, I’d make the “puke face” for her to go try again. Ever since she’s used an AutoBrush, she passes with sparkly clean teeth every time!”  - Paige S

Cliff Diving Kiddos 

“One of my favorite memories with my kids is when we went camping at LaWisWis, Washington. There was this part of the river called the Blue Hole where people jumped off a cliff into the deep blue, fridge water. My kids were 5 and 2, so they weren't going to do any cliff jumping. However, they were very interested in participating. So on the shallow, mild side of the river they dug themselves their own "Blue Hole,"  used buckets to fill it with water, and took turns jumping into it for hours.” - Jessica C.

We Want to Hear From You 

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