How AutoBrush Helped the Blackburn Family

Meet the Blackburn family! 

Mama to three, Tana Blackburn was excited to try the AutoBrush Pro: Kids toothbrush for the first time with her older two kiddos, Kai and Charlie.

Before AutoBrush, toothbrushing in the Blackburn household was a battle. Tana shared with us that she, “felt like that hovering parent, always re-flossing and checking to make sure they brushed well enough. Now, I don’t feel the need to be there when they brush because I know their teeth are getting an optimal cleaning both day and night.”

How did the AutoBrush Pro:  Kids help the Blackburn family get in the habit of brushing their teeth?

Tana replied, “AutoBrush has helped my kids to be more independent when it comes to their oral care. My kids actually LOVE to brush their teeth now. It’s amazing! No more fussing over brushing! I also love all of the different modes and LED lights that AutoBrush has. My kids can curate the perfect brush routine specific to them.”


How well did the AutoBrush Pro: Kids clean Kai and Charlie’s teeth? 

The Blackburn family put AutoBrush to the test. After using their AutoBrush Pro: Kids toothbrushes for over 6 months, Tana’s kiddos were ready for their next dentist check-up appointment. 

And, what’d they learn??

Kai and Charlie had NO cavities or any other dental problems. Their smiles are healthy and just cute as ever. Tana remarked, "I'd recommend the AutoBrush to literally anyone! It’s perfect for both kids and adults!”


Ready to join Tana in ending bedtime brushing battles?

Meet the only toothbrush proven to end brush wars! 💪 With a quirky cast of jungle characters, dance-worthy jungle tunes, and fun (and functional!) LED lights, your kiddos will ASK to brush their teeth.


Click to shop the AutoBrush Pro: Kids here. 


P.S. To hear more from Tana and her family, be sure to check out her Instagram and Youtube channel.


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