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How AutoBrush Helped Robyn

Robyn is a busy mom of 4 (2 daughters and 2 sons). As a former dental assistant, she was intrigued to learn about AutoBrush and wanted to put it to the test with her children. Brushing her children’s teeth had always been a chore for Robyn. When she approached us, we naturally wanted to put our AutoBrush to the test with her kids to see how it performed. Being naturally curious as to whether...

How AutoBrush Helped Abby

At AutoBrush® we’re proud of our products, but even prouder of the impact it has on others’ lives. We believe that we’re creating a solution for those that may have issues with the current products available.      

Top 5 Ways to Get Kids to Love Brushing Their Teeth

Today, we’ll be discussing how to make that experience more enjoyable and provide a few tips on getting your kids to fall in love with brushing their teeth. Additionally, these 5 tips will help you ensure that your child is learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle and securing the first defense to a strong, healthy immune system.