Which is better for your teeth, regular or diet?

Most of us would guess that diet soda is better for us or our teeth in general. Well we are here to warn you that that’s actually a myth and a falsity. Each are degrading to your teeth in every way so stop drinking them. You’re teeth are a vital part of your body so don’t ruin what’s already there. Don’t believe us? Read on. 

Regular soda tooth decay


Aside from being extremely acidic, regular sodas are very sugary which can thus overtime lead to tooth decay because sugar is the pest that leads to the bacterial decay that’s built up in your mouth. What people actually don’t realize is that the longer you sip on your soda or carbonated beverage throughout the day, the longer it will take for your saliva to neutralize the pH in your mouth. If you drink it all in one sitting, you are actually doing yourself a favor, if you absolutely can’t live without soda and the taste of it.

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Diet soda tooth decay

Here’s where I may crush some of your dreams. Diet soda causes almost or about the same amount of tooth decay as regular soda. Using the same explanation from regular soda, diet soda is very acidic and weakens the enamel on your teeth. This then makes your teeth more susceptible to dental erosion and cavities. The acid found in diet drinks and sugar-free drinks is actually worse than in regular drinks so it’s encouraging to stay away from this beverage as well.

What’s good to drink then?

Any beverage that is lower in acidity is always a good idea to consume rather than sodas and other acidic drinks. You’ll be doing yourself a favor because by staying away acidic beverages, you in turn will be keeping your enamel strong. No one wants to see yellow teeth or wants to smell bad breath, so do yourself a kindness and keep your teeth clean and fresher longer. 

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Keep in mind too. The younger you are when you start drinking soda, the worse it will become. At a young age, your teeth aren’t fully developed yet which will lead to more decay.

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