Celebrating the 28th Year of National Disability Awareness Month

AutoBrush is celebrating the 28th Year of National Disability Awareness Month! 

In 1987, President Ronald Regan established Proclamation 5613 – officially making March National Disabilities Awareness Month. The proclamation continues to call for understanding, encouragement, and providing equal opportunity to those with disabilities. 


At AutoBrush, we are dedicated to providing an at-home oral care solution that is accessible to all people including children, adults, seniors, those with sensory issues, and individuals living with disabilities. 


This year we are delighted to spotlight a special AutoBrush user, Ella. We had the privilege to speak with her mother Andrea, a cerebral palsy activist, and learned more about their remarkable family. 


Who is Ella Mitchell?

Ella Mitchell

“Ella is a 15-year-old Sophomore in high school and has cerebral palsy. Her favorite things are people, 90’s country music, being on the go and her goldendoodle named Woodrow. 


She was officially diagnosed with cerebral palsy around her 1st birthday, However, my husband and I were aware of her condition after her 30 day stay in the NICU due to an infection at birth. There was apparent brain damage visible at a week old.”


What does a typical day look like with Ella?

"Wake up, get ready for the day, then a quick breakfast and off to school. Four days a week for Ella also include therapy. The weekends are our favorite though! On Saturday, Ella is typically cheering her younger brother on at his basketball games and Sundays are all about church!"

 Ella Mitchell

How has the AutoBrush helped Ella?

"Self-care can be a hurdle for individuals that live with intellectual or motor delays. That’s why it’s so important to find solutions, like the AutoBrush, that help the person be independent. We love that the AutoBrush allows Ella to be a part of her brushing routine AND is effective at cleaning her teeth!


My 11-year-old neurotypical son also loves the AutoBrush It’s been successful at keeping his smile healthy with minimal complaining and a lot of efficiency. 


I would honestly recommend AutoBrush to everyone."


March is disability awareness month. What are a couple of ways we can all do better at supporting those living with disabilities?

"Asking questions with good intentions. I understand it can be an uncomfortable conversation for some, but with kindness both sides can gain an understanding and appreciation for each other. 


I am all about communication! Sharing the stories of those with disabilities makes it easier for those who aren’t affected by special needs to encounter someone who lives a totally different life."

Andrea Mitchell 

Want to hear more from the Mitchell family?

Follow Ella's mom, Andrea Mitchell @andreaemitchell on Instagram to stay informed on how you can better support people living with cerebral palsy.


Why the AutoBrush a great toothbrush for people with disabilities

Our uniquely designed toothbrush is perfect for people that struggle to hold or manipulate traditional toothbrushes. The AutoBrush's wide base makes holding the brush simpler and the brush's 360° mouthpiece allows for a faster and more efficient clean. The AutoBrush is especially helpful to those living with a disability.

Click here to learn more. 


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