Is Milk Good for Your Teeth?

Milk is often advertised as being healthy for growing bones and teeth. It’s supposed to strengthen your bones through the power of calcium. But just how healthy is milk for your teeth?


How Much Calcium Does Milk Provide?




A single cup of milk contains nearly 300 milligrams of calcium. That’s a lot! Because of that, milk helps keep both your bones and your teeth healthy. But it works better over a long-term period of time, so it’s more effective to start drinking milk early.


Drinking Milk in Childhood




It actually goes even earlier than childhood. A babies teeth start forming before they’re even born, and so consuming dairy products when pregnant can help your child’s teeth grow strong. In fact, your teeth and bones store about 99% of your body’s calcium.

It’s recommended that pregnant mothers consume approximately 1000 - 1300 milligrams of calcium per day. This is the proper amount to ensure the baby gets enough calcium and nutrients for their bones and teeth. But doesn’t end there. Dairy is helpful for children to consume into teenhood. Calcium is an essential nutrient growing up as it helps to prevent osteoporosis.


Preventing Tooth Decay


AutoBrush for Kids


The consumption of dairy products are also known to prevent tooth decay. Dairy products contain proteins known as caseins which creates a protective layer around the enamel of your teeth. This helps fight against many common bacteria which could contribute to tooth decay. In addition, calcium helps to rebuild weakened tooth enamel.

It’s also recommended to drink milk after eating sugary foods. Drinking milk afterwards can help reduce the negative effects and acidic buildup from sugary foods.

If you’re serious about keeping your child’s teeth strong and healthy, then a proper dental routine is essential. Sometimes it’s difficult to instill the proper tooth brushing discipline in children, but there is a solution. The AutoBrush for Kids helps to make brushing your teeth fun and enjoying instead of a chore. With automatic brushing features, a fun light show, and sing-along songs, it’s hard not to want to brush your teeth with the AutoBrush.

Remember to instill the habit of drinking milk in your children to help them grow up with strong and healthy teeth.

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