Why Does Pineapple Hurt Your Mouth?

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as snacking on fresh pineapple, especially on a warm day. 


It’s sweet, it’s tangy...And, oh no, it’s BURNING! 


One moment you're enjoying your tasty fruit and the next you start wondering if your pineapple is eating you back.


Luckily, it’s surprisingly very common for this health treat to make your mouth sore.


Here’s why…


Pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that breaks down proteins. Bromelain  causes irritation in your mouth as it breaks down the  proteins on your tongue, cheeks, and lips.  


Who knew something so sweet could have such a kick?


But, don’t fret. Your tongue heals itself quickly by rebuilding those proteins and amino acids. Your stomach acid and saliva also work to break down bromelain so no permanent damage is done.


Still can’t take the burn? We have a couple tricks up our sleeve.


Soak large pieces of pineapple in salt water overnight.

Truth be told, this very well may be an old wives tale. However, several individuals online swear by this trick.


Pair it with some dairy.

Yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream are all great additions to this tangy fruit but also offer more proteins that pineapple can digest, helping neutralize the PH level.


Sprinkle a little lime juice on it. 

Lime juice helps break down some of the pineapple’s acidity while adding some sweetness that won't overpower the fruit's flavor. 

Turn up the heat. 

Roasting, baking, grilling - all of these methods cause a chemical reaction that breaks down the enzymes for you. Best part? You are left with an even sweeter fruit. 

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