AutoBrush® for Adults Charcoal Dental Flossers

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Based on 6 reviews

AutoBrush® for Adults Charcoal Dental Flossers

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Based on 6 reviews

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  • Description

    Flossing made easy and eco-friendly 

    With regular flossing, you'll never worry about bad breath due to food and plaque still stuck in between teeth and gum lines. The AutoBrush flossers' superior material and easy-to-use design will make this daily routine an easy one to keep. 

    Each flossing thread is made out of the strongest fibers and is infused with activated charcoal to effectively remove food, plaque, and odor particles. Plus, AutoBrush flossers are derived from biodegradable corn and packed in sustainable and recyclable material so you’re being kind to Mother Earth, too!

  • How to Use
      Floss side: Hold handle and guide flosser between teeth, moving it gently in a back-and-forth and then up-and-down motion.

      Pick side: Place the pick between the teeth at the gumline using a gentle back-and-forth motion to loosen food particles and plaque.
  • What's Included
    • One (1) pack of fifty (50) Dental Flossers with Charcoal Infused Tread.
  • Our Cause

    We believe that all smiles are beautiful and want everyone to have access to resources needed to achieve their healthiest smile. Unfortunately, too many children around the world don’t have the safe, reliable oral care they need in order to feel like their happiest, healthiest selves.

    Here at AutoBrush® we're dedicated to revolutionizing oral hygiene and providing the best possible at-home dental care.

    A big part of that is also giving back to dental care for youth. In 2021, a donation was made to the ADA Foundation for the Give Kids A Smile program to help more underserved children have access to dental care.

    AutoBrush Donation

  • Ingredients
    • Vegan Wax
    • Hydroxyapatite
    • Xylitol
    • Stevia
    • Natural Spearmint Oil

AutoBrush® for Adults Charcoal Dental Flossers

Rated 4.5 out of 5
Based on 6 reviews

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Never miss a floss when you subscribe to get flossers delivered right to your door. Forget remembering to run by the store or placing a last-minute online order. When you sign up for AutoBrush subscriptions, you’ll never run out of your favorite accessories.

Once you try AutoBrush, you'll never want to go back to boring old flossers. You’ll love the advanced nanoHAp thread that prevents cavities between the teeth, and the activated charcoal that effectively removes food and plaque.

AutoBrush® for Adults Charcoal Dental Flossers


Why do your flossers have hydroxyapatite?
All our flossers have hydroxyapatite-infused threads. A common and effective fluoride alternative, hydroxyapatite is famous for remineralizing teeth, preventing and even healing existing cavities.
How often should I floss?
Dentists recommend flossing 1-2x daily to help prevent cavities.
How long will one package of flossers last me?
One package usually good for one month. You can enjoy 15% off when you subscribe to get your flossers delivered right to your doorstep.