International Women's Day: The Women of AutoBrush

What is International Women’s Day?

International Women’s Day is the celebration of  the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. It is a dedicated time to reflect globally on the progress we’ve made towards gender equality and the actions we can take to further encourage gender parity. 


At AutoBrush, we are proud of our diverse and inclusive team culture. We stand firm for equality and celebrate the successes of female co-workers and teammates.  


Today, we gladly highlight the hard working, unique, and inspirational women that make AutoBrush what it is today. 


Meet the Team

Hi! I'm Ara - the influencer strategist at AutoBrush. 


I love to run and bothering my overweight Dachshund-Jack Russell dog whenever I'm bored.


One of the best parts of my job is connecting with all types of people and getting to personally know our customers. I enjoy learning their stories on how AutoBrush has made a positive impact on their daily lives. 


My favorite will always be anecdotes from parents with kids with disabilities, and how AutoBrush has truly helped give their children more independence and an overall better oral care routine. Those are always big wins for me.


I also love that I get to work with amazing people every day who are just as passionate as I am in making the AutoBrush brand the best it can be.


Pssst.. The AutoBrush Adult Bundle is to die for. Ever since I got it, I never wanted to go back to using my regular manual toothbrush. Brushing is WAY easier for me now!

I'm Ari. 


I’m a mom, writer, runner, and lover of lifting heavy things – all with my own little AutoBrusher at home. I'm passionate about gentle parenting and teaching body autonomy with my kids which is why we LOVE AutoBrush. My 3-year-old uses the Daniel Tiger brush, and it's been a hit since day one.


I'm the Director of eCommerce meaning I’m ultra-passionate about our brand voice and providing the best possible customer experience. I'm so proud to work for a company with an incredible culture that supports and empowers women. AutoBrush supported me with an amazing maternity leave plan for my future AutoBrusher and boasts a leadership team stacked with inspirational women.


I'm also next-level proud of our latest clinical data showing that our brush is 27x more effective than a traditional toothbrush. Working for a company with an empowering culture and an industry-changing product is a peak career-win, IMO.

Hi! I’m Camila!


A little about me, I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Colombia and moved to New York City around the age of 12. This was an experience that opened up my eyes to a whole new world of people, cultures, religions, foods and friends. This exposure has made me really appreciative of other cultures. I absolutely love traveling and jam-packing as much sightseeing as a single day allows!


At AutoBrush I’m the accountant. I aim to be extremely meticulous and detail oriented which has allowed me to spot and take advantage of pretty monumental opportunities which have helped maintain and strengthen AutoBrush’s financial backbone.


But, the part I love the most about my years at AutoBrush has been watching it flourish into the beautiful life-changing product that it has become. I love being part of the endless edits to create the perfect characters, the packaging, endless toothpaste samples with chemists to get the perfect flavor and watching the brush become better and better every single time. But most of all, I love hearing about all of the ways in which AutoBrush has changed the lives of so many customers.


I am extremely proud of how far AutoBrush has come and I wholeheartedly believe it is going to change the way that the world brushes their teeth… especially now that it is clinically proven to be TWENTY SEVEN TIMES better than a regular toothbrush! Personally, I would never go back.


My favorite product is the AutoBrush Pro: Total Package in pink. I love that I can lightly and gradually whiten my teeth while I brush. I start with flossing, brush with the whitening foam, and I finish off strong with the tongue scraper for a squeaky-clean result every time.

Hey, I’m Christine Cruz. Brand Strategist here at AutoBrush. 


I am 27 years old, have 2 younger sisters, am mostly self-taught when it comes to photoshop, and I love animals. In fact, my home is a bit like a zoo!  Beyond my growing collection of houseplants, I have four dogs, two cats, and two birds. 


Being able to work AutoBrush is a joy in many ways but I especially love working with such forward-thinking individuals that make up an incredible, collaborative team. Over my time working for AutoBrush, I’ve also appreciated that my ideas have always been heard and validated, and that I’ve been given consistent support and feedback.


Now for which AutoBrush product I love the most? Hands down the AutoBrush Charcoal Flossers! I have tightly spaced teeth and flossing has always felt like a chore. BUT, AutoBrush’s flossers really have made flossing an easier habit to keep.

Hello! I'm Cori. 


Little about me, I will travel any distance to try new flavors of coffee. Local coffee roasters are my jam. Add in some live music or board games and I can easily live in a coffee shop forever. Especially if hot lattes with cinnamon are on tap. 


At AutoBrush, I am the Director of Paid Media. I adore spreadsheets and making data colorful, meaningful, and fun! 


When it comes to our actual product, I love our Nylon Brush Heads. The bristles work so well at hitting all surface areas of the teeth. But most of all, I'm proud of how much they help families achieve healthier smiles!

Hi, I’m Tiffany Johnson! Marketing Content Manager at AutoBrush. 


As a writer first and foremost, I’m passionate about creating fun content that helps families learn about and gain confidence in their dental health. Beyond writing, I love long distance running, reading, and playing with my little one. 


Being a mother to my own little mini-me means a lot of my free-time consists of playing dress-up, coloring, and playing with dolls. I love that the AutoBrush has  transitioned toothbrushing time into MORE playtime for my family. My daughter uses AutoBrush’s Lenni the Lion brush, and we have fun grooving along to the jungle music during every brushing session. 


I am so proud to work for a company that has a creative, innovative, and supportive team that pushes me to be the best I can be in both my personal and professional life.


It’s been incredibly rewarding to watch AutoBrush’s progression to be the only clinically-proven whole mouth toothbrush that removes plaque 27x times better than a manual toothbrush. Proud, proud, proud mom and employee moment. 


Final Remarks… 

We want to thank you. Regardless of gender, every purchase, comment, blog share, and review not only pushes AutoBrush to become the best it can be, but help our team grow in our roles. You are a HUGE part in the AutoBrush family. We wouldn’t be here without you. So, here’s to you.


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