Flossing Mistakes You Need To Avoid

  1. Flossing Too Often
  2. Not Paying Attention
  3. Only Front And Back Motions


Brushing your teeth and flossing are the basics of dental care and hygiene. These have been ingrained in us since we were kids. We have been doing them for so long that it has become part of our daily routine and we don’t really give them that much thought. If you think about it, brushing and flossing are easy and menial tasks. It’s not rocket science. The question is, if it’s so easy, how come some people still get cavities even after years of brushing and flossing? One reason why is that they might not be going to the dentist regularly. Another reason is that they might be brushing and flossing the wrong way.

Flossing is about cleaning the areas of your teeth that the toothbrush cannot get into. Specifically, the areas between the teeth. These are the areas that if left alone are the perfect places for plaque and cavities to form. Food debris stuck in between your teeth also encourages bacterial growth that can cause bad breath. As simple as the activity of flossing is, it is very important in maintaining good oral hygiene. It is also this simplicity that makes us lazy. We just floss for the sake of it without ever thinking if we are doing it right. Not doing it right is just a waste of time and might cause more harm than good. Let’s check out the most common flossing mistakes so that we can avoid them.

Flossing Too Often


Too much of something is not always a good thing. This saying holds true to flossing. Flossing too much can damage your gums and might cause your gums to be sensitive. It can also delay your gum’s healing process. It is recommended to only floss once a day and preferably before bed.


Woman flossing her teeth, for AutoBrush

Woman flossing her teeth by The Telegraph


Not Paying Attention


Flossing is a trivial and boring activity. That is why we don’t pay too much attention to it. Just by checking on the state of the floss thread can give you information about your current dental health. Does it have blood on it? Does it have peculiar colors or stains on it? Pay close attention to it so you can detect early signs of infection or dental problems.


Man scratching his head, for AutoBrush

A confused man by Diet Doctor


Only Front And Back Motions


How do you floss your teeth? I bet that you are just doing it by moving the thread back and forth between the teeth. This is actually not enough to remove plaque. Try scraping the sides of each tooth by moving the floss thread up and down. This up and down motion is more effective at removing plaque.


Man flossing his teeth in an up and down motion, for AutoBrush

Man flossing his teeth by HealthLinkBC


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