Can I Have Dessert Every Night?

  1. The effects of sugar on teeth.
  2. Is there a work around?
  3. Our Tips


Everyone loves dessert. Some people even seem to have a second stomach for it; feeling full to the brim after a good meal, but suddenly having room for more when the dessert menu is presented. It has, literally, a psychological grip on our minds and stomachs. But what about our teeth? How much does eating dessert daily really impact our dental health?


Yogurt parfait topped with berries, for AutoBrush

The effects of sugar on teeth.


It’s no secret that sugar is a tooth’s worst enemy; the top culprit for the plaque that can eventually become its demise. How? Well it’s not only you who can develop a sugar addiction or craving. The very bacteria left on teeth and gums crave sugar just as strongly, and would be eyeing that slice of chocolate cake if they could. They feed off of the sugar you intake, which allows them to thrive and flourish in your mouth, eventually corroding your teeth and gums. Maintaining this level of sugar consumption can lead to several dental health issues, from cavities to gum disease to tooth loss.


Woman eating cupcake, for AutoBrush

Eating Cupcake by Smooth

Is there a work around?


Clearly the consequences of high sugar consumption can both start and end in our mouths, but is it necessarily bad to have just one dessert per day? If we treat our teeth with the utmost care, flossing and brushing twice a day, it’ll be sure to rid our mouths of sugar-craving bacteria. However, the average person does not take a full 2 minutes to manually scrub each and all surface areas of their teeth; they simply do not have the time. It is therefore still considered very high-risk by dental professionals to have sweets daily. Especially if that dessert is rich in sugar, fructose corn syrup, or sweeteners.


Women eating lollipop with same colors on lips, for AutoBrush

Our Tips


  1. Make sure your dessert isn’t always necessarily high in sugar content. Think fruit ice pops, yogurt parfaits, or yum - frozen grapes!
  2. Try to pair your dessert with a glass of milk. It goes great with that slice of chocolate cake and adds calcium and protection to your tooth enamel.
  3. Use AutoBrush: Why? Because it’s the first and only smart toothbrush to automatically cover all surface spots for precise brushing and whitening, everytime. Since it attacks all spots simultaneously, you only need to brush for 30 seconds, your quickest and easiest way to daily, dental-grade cleaning!


Woman eating fruit based dessert, for AutoBrush


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