When Is The Best Time To Brush Your Teeth?


  1. Brush in the morning.
  2. Brush before going to bed.
  3. Other times you should be brushing your teeth:


Experts say that brushing your teeth 2-3 is enough to keep your teeth healthy and clean. Some say to brush your teeth after every meal, others say in the morning and in the evening. If you’re asking yourself if you are brushing at the right time, here’s what you need to know:


Brush in the morning.


For some of us, the best way to start the morning is by brushing our teeth. The reasons are quite obvious: first, it is when you sleep that the bacteria are sneaking and building up in the mouth that causes your nasty breath in the morning. These same bacteria are also starting to produce the acid that damage your enamel. When you brush your teeth, you will reduce the amount of these bacteria, which is necessary in keeping your mouth fresh throughout the day.


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Brush before going to bed.


In between all the activities you do all day, you eat and drink. Regardless of how healthy your diet is, there are still some food and drink that might affect your enamel. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning, it should also be part of your evening or bedtime routine. This will ensure that the bacteria inside your mouth are reduced. As we already know, they build up overnight causing damage to our teeth. The lesser the bacteria, the lower the chances of harming your dental health.


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Other times you should be brushing your teeth:


If you’ve eaten an acidic food or drink, you should wait 20-30 minutes before brushing your teeth. This acid can weaken your enamel, thus brushing it too soon can easily remove the enamel.

If your diet is high in sugar and carbohydrates, it is best to brush your teeth immediately after eating. Carbs and sugar feed the bacteria in your mouth that eats away the enamel of your tooth. Once it’s gone, it is gone. It could cause your teeth to be too sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks and tooth discoloration.


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We should maintain a habit of keeping our mouth healthy by simply brushing our teeth regularly. A constant routine and proper way of making sure your teeth is always clean and fresh is the way to achieve a strong dental health.

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