Valentine's Day Hygiene Hacks

Valentine’s Day is one of those days you probably want to have your breath smelling fresh at all times...if you catch the drift. The day is long, and if you have things like work and errands it could be tough to keep up with it all day. If you’re interested in foods that won’t harm your breath, check out our post on breath saving foods for Valentine’s Day. But there’s more you can do to make your breath safe, and we’ve compiled some simple yet effective hygiene hacks for you to use just for Valentine’s Day.


Carry Sugar-Free Gum in Your Pocket


Usually, we wouldn’t advocate chewing too much gum. But today is a special occasion and you need to be prepared for anything. The first step is making sure you have a fresh pack of your favorite sugar-free gum in your pocket to keep with you all day. You’ll want to chew a piece of this bad boy after every meal and after any snacks. It doesn’t matter if you only had three chips after lunch; pull out your stick of gum and get to chewing. The gum will help make sure there is no excess food left over on your teeth. Leftover food would be both embarrassing and cause bad breath.

A woman chews a piece of sugar-free gum.


Keep Breath Mints Stored in Your Car


That’s right, it doesn’t stop with the gum. There’s a time and place for everything, and today, there’s a time and a place for breath mints. Spoiler: it’s in your car. You can use these more sparingly throughout the day, but it doesn’t hurt to pop one when you’re leaving work or leaving the house. This will keep your breath from fading from the neutral zone into the bad zone, and because of the gum, it should keep it smelling good.


Floss and Tongue Scraper


Another safe bet is keeping floss and a tongue scraper in your car. The AutoBrush offers an advanced and effective tongue scraper that you can keep with you to use after brushing or after a meal. If you’re not in the right place to brush, it can be helpful to floss and scrape to get any excess food out of your mouth.

Breath Neutralizing Tongue Scraper.


Just Drink Water


You know it’s the big day so you have to play the game like it’s the big day. Just drink water until your Valentine’s Day dinner. Stay away from juices, sodas, or any sugary beverages. To keep it safe, just drink water. It won’t take much of a sugary beverage to start making your breath smell, especially if it gets to sit in your mouth.

A glass of water.


Your Hygiene Routine


Don’t forget your oral hygiene routine is still the most important factor in determining your oral health and the smell of your breath. Make sure you have your routine up to par for Valentine’s Day, that includes brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing in the morning and that night. The easiest way to keep your routine optimal is with the automatic brush, AutoBrush. No more worrying about how hard you’re brushing, how long, or at what angles. The hands-free toothbrush takes care of all of that for you. 

Be prepared and stick to these simple yet effective hacks and you’ll impress your date this Valentine’s Day!


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