What Makes AutoBrush's U-Shaped Brush Heads Actually Work

U-shaped toothbrushes, also known as whole-mouth toothbrushes, are an exciting new addition to the dental world. Unlike a manual toothbrush, a u-shaped toothbrush cleans every tooth at the same time and only takes 30 seconds. 

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But you may have heard your dentist discourage the use of a u-shaped toothbrush. Perhaps your dentist said they don’t clean as well as other alternatives. 

Is this true?


Do u-shaped toothbrushes actually work?

The answer is yes – and no! Since 360-degree toothbrushes are relatively new, most dentists are familiar with u-shaped brushes as a category – not AutoBrush-specific products. There are several cheap, u-shaped silicone knockoffs that are proven to be as effective as not brushing at all. Don’t mistake these as the AutoBrush.


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What makes AutoBrush’s nylon brush heads superior?

We are the only u-shaped toothbrush with a patented nylon brush head and a third-party clinical study to back our claims. We put our brush head to the test with SALUS research and they found AutoBrush removed plaque 27X better than a traditional manual brush. 

You can read our case study with SALUS research below:

Click here to view the case study result summary 

Click here to view the entire report. 

Here’s what sets our nylon brush head 27 steps apart from the rest…

  • Soft nylon material: In the 360-degree teeth brushing space, there are many competitors that use silicone. While silicone is often said to provide a “gentle clean”, it is not effective at plaque removal. Our soft nylon bristles are designed to effectively scrape off plaque, while still maintaining gentle pressure against your teeth and gums, reducing the likelihood of gum recession.
  • Lower bristle width: Most silicone bristles are bulky with a width of 1 mm whereas nylon bristles can be designed to be as small as 0.1 mm. Unlike silicone, brush heads with nylon allows for a higher quantity of bristles to sweep across all of the surfaces of your teeth and powerfully clean.
  • Bristle placement: We strategically place bristles in the mouthpiece to create a "hug" on teeth, so you can effectively brush all sides (even those hard-to-reach areas like back molars).
  • Tapered bristles: AutoBrush’s brush heads have tapered bristles on the tops, sides, and bottoms. Clinical study shows that tapered bristles help significantly reduce plaque and gingivitis compared to blunt bristles.
  • Intermediate fit: Mouths are not a “one size fits all”. This is why AutoBrush offers a range of brush head sizes from kids aged 3-5 all the way up to adult XL mouths, so you are guaranteed to find a perfect fit for your smile.
  • Sturdy bottom bristles: Since u-shaped brushes require users to bite down on them like a mouthguard, the bristles endure significantly more pressure than a manual toothbrush. Our team works hard to combat this by continually improving the sturdiness of the brush’s bottom bristles to avoid unnecessary fraying. 

AutoBrush Brush Head FAQs

How do I clean my u-shaped nylon brush head

  • Use Hot Water: Run hot water through the bristles before and after each use to neutralize any accumulated bacteria. Note: the water should be hot enough to produce some steam.
  • Soak in Mouthwash: Mouthwashes often contain antibacterial ingredients that can help neutralize the bacteria on your brush. For a deep clean, soak your brush head in mouthwash for 2 minutes. Keep in mind that this method may wear down your toothbrush faster since the ingredients tend to be harsh.
  • UV Sanitization: UV Sanitization is a great, oftentimes costly, way to ensure your toothbrushes are bacteria free. 

    How frequently do I need to replace my u-shaped nylon brush head?

    We recommend replacing your nylon brush head every 2 months. While the ADA suggests traditional toothbrushes may be replaced every 3 months, u-shaped toothbrush bristles endure more pressure as they clean every surface of your teeth at once. They work hard, so you don’t have to! 

    Below are a couple other signs your brush head is ready to be replace: 

    • Frayed Bristles: Frayed bristles occur after normal wear-and-tear or excessive biting and are a telltale sign that your nylon brush head needs to be replaced. Frayed bristles are not effective at cleaning teeth. 
    • Your Teeth Feel Fuzzy: Fuzzy teeth are an indication that there is still bacteria or plaque on your teeth even after brushing. Clean teeth should have a smooth, squeaky clean feeling.
    • Bad Breath: If you experience unpleasant or sour breath even after brushing, your toothbrush may have a buildup of bad bacteria and should be replaced. If the problem continues even after replacing your brush head, consult your dentist.


      How do I find the right u-shaped brush head fit?

      You can either select your brush head size based on the user’s age or by measuring the width and length of the mouth. If you prefer to measure the size of the mouth, we recommend using dental floss to find the measurement and comparing it against a ruler. 

      Are u-shaped brush heads safe for children?

      Yes! AutoBrush is committing to providing a children’s toothbrushing solution that is safe, effective, and accessible. We also recommend following the ADA guidelines of supervising children while they brush their teeth up to 8 years of age. 



      Other safety precautions to remember before brushing with a u-shaped toothbrush: 

      • The user is of appropriate age (3+ years old) 
      • The user is brushing with the correct brush head size 
      • The brush head is securely pressed down on the brush base

        Final Thoughts…

        AutoBrush is proud to offer the most recognized u-shape toothbrush with whole-mouth coverage to help families maintain healthy smiles and overall health. 

        For any other questions about our brush heads, you can contact us at customercare@autobrush.com


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