Top 6 Questions to Ask a Parenting Coach

Meet the Parenting Coach

Sarah Schindler is a Holistic Health and Parenting Coach that works with overwhelmed mamas through pregnancy up to when their children are 7 years old – the most vital years in a child’s life! When a mama is overwhelmed and unsure about decisions they have to make, their child is too. That’s where Sarah steps in. She is passionate about supporting and encouraging mamas to make conscious, informed decisions for themselves and their children. 


AutoBrush had the privilege to sit down with Sarah and ask the top 6 questions many of our parents have about her profession and how she can help – even with brushing wars! 


Here’s what she had to say…


What does a parent coach do?

Parenting coaches provide a safe and non-judgmental space for parents to express themselves and any struggles they’re navigating through. They then provide mindset tools to support both parent and child in regulating themselves in triggering situations, like tantrums. 


As a practicing Holistic Health Coach too, my approach differs from the typical parenting coach. I also provide physical, nutritional, and emotional support for the whole family. This 360 approach of body, mind, and soul helps you to raise your vibration to find peace – even when there’s chaos all around. ( Because with kids under 7, there will be chaos. 😉)


The world needs more mamas with a higher vibe! This means more peace, less stress, and optimal health. When we operate higher, it’s contagious and our family will follow.


How do parent coaches differ from therapists?

Traditional therapy mostly consists of a patient talking and a therapist listening. It can be effective for some. Other times, a patient may remain stuck in therapy for years with little progress.


Coaching provides a safe space to listen to the client, as therapy would, but also focuses on applying helpful tools to help them move through their situation. It takes a person from just surviving to thriving!


When do people usually turn to a parent coach for help?

Generally, when they feel like they can’t handle it on their own anymore. They’ve read books, listened to podcasts…  but don’t know how to apply their learning to their own life or difficult situation. 


How quickly do most parents see progress in their home with the help of a parent coach?

Within the first week – as long as they are proactive in applying the tools they learn. 


What advice would you give parents who are struggling with tooth brushing battles?

Take deep breaths 😉 and avoid “forcing” them to do it. It will only create more resistance. 


Realize that the parent’s energy around the struggle can make it worse or make it fun. Check your energy and reset, if needed. (This is where deep breaths are helpful!) Create a rhythm that will be exciting for the child! Children love routines and depend on them.  


How can AutoBrush provide useful tools for both parents and their children?

Kids are constantly being told what to do and what not to do. The AutoBrush gives them some control and they love it. It allows a child to have independence around teeth brushing while also making it fun! Kids will brush it if they like it. Lastly, it gets the teeth way cleaner than manual brushing, especially since it’s designed to get those hard-to-reach back teeth. Triple win! 


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Want to hear more from Sarah?

Keep in touch with Holistic Health and Parenting Coach, Sarah Schindler, by visiting her website, following her on Instagram, or joining her Facebook group.


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