Tooth Decay Is On Its Way

We get it, you’re just living your best life. Drinking soda or La Croixs, lounging by the pool and getting all that sun this summer. But, you should stop and think about how those drinks are really helping you get to the dentist even sooner. I promise your teeth won’t fall out tomorrow, but I can’t promise that you aren’t doing real damage to your teeth.

Even tho you may think, “La Croix is sugar free” -- that’s not stopping your teeth from being attacked by this little (or big) tooth terrorist.


The Real Deal


The reason why these sugar free juices still cause erosion/decay to your tooth enamel is pretty straight forward -- it’s because of the citric acid in these drinks. Basically citric acid has the same effects on your teeth as does sugar in soda. Diet soda, although technically doesn't have sugar, definitely has citric acid. So do all of those lovely La Croixs…


What Happens To your Teeth?


Basically when you drink these types of drinks, the acid that is formed or consumed sits on your teeth. And between the bacteria that’s trying to fight it off and the actual acid fighting your teeth (I’m telling you, they are teeth terrorists)’s a recipe for disaster. This weakens your enamel, not just once, but literally every time you take a new sip.

Ways to reduce harm


We'll start with the obvious -- just stop! Don’t drink any of these beverages any more. On the less dramatic side, let’s look at other things you can do:

  • Drink less soda and carbonated drinks (use the moderation rule)
  • Rinse your mouth out with regular water when done consuming
  • If you can’t rinse, just drink water to help prevent the attack from continuing
  • Brush with a good toothpaste (check ours out, it’s a 2 in 1 toothpaste and mouthwash)


Drinks that Love your teeth


Limiting the amount of these acidic drinks will help you with preventing teeth sensitivity and tooth decay. Which drinks have minimal acid, if any at all? Here’s a list in order:

  • Tap Water
  • Root Beer
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Milk

Protecting That Money Maker


Since we all don’t have the luxury of brushing our teeth after every beverage consumption, I recommend doing the best you can and at least brushing twice a day. Brush once in the morning and once at night. Use a fluoride toothpaste, or a toothpaste that helps with fighting bacteria, like ours. Another thing that you should always do is drink a ton of water. Water will always help with rinsing out your mouth preventing tooth decay from continuing.

And really, if you can’t do any of the above and are constantly “jonesing” for those sugary beverages...just ask for a straw. Drinking thru a straw, although is not the best solution, it is better than taking that sugary stuff straight to your teeth.

And lastly -- make sure you get your kids on a good brushing routine when they are young. The sooner you start them on the habit, the better off they will be long term. So get them a brush, like the Kids AutoBrush, that will make the brushing fun and help them enjoy the mundane tasks in life.

Be smart with the things you consume and the tools you use, to clean your teeth. Use the best toothbrush on the market that reach all aspects/angles of your teeth and a toothpaste that tastes and feels great.


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