The Freshest Gifts for Valentine's Day

So you think you might be dating “the one,” or maybe it’s just a fun fling, but you want to keep your partner’s need for oral hygiene at the top of the list. We’ve assembled a bullet-proof Valentine’s Day gift guide that’ll have your partner smiling bright and breathing the freshest breath. From automatic brushes to tongue scrapers, to teeth whiteners, we’ve got it all and more at Our Online Store.


An assortment of Valentine's Day gifts.


Teeth Whitening Kit


Next up is the high-class gift of hygiene, the teeth whitening kit. Someone might be a pro at keeping their mouth in a tip-top hygienic condition, like brushing twice a day, remembering to floss, using mouthwash, and even a tongue scraper. But their teeth could always be whiter. The reality is even if you take proper care of your mouth and teeth it doesn’t necessarily mean you will have the white teeth you want. Once you’ve taken care of the important foundation, it’s time to freshen up the appearance with a teeth whitening kit. 

A beautiful, bright smile with white teeth.




Don’t forget cheese! Everybody loves cheese, and it goes great with wine. Cheese and wine is a lovely Valentine’s Day snack or dessert, and the best part is cheese is good for your teeth. In fact, cheese helps in a lot of the ways that gum does by helping to remove the acidity from teeth caused by wine.

A delectable plate of cheeses.

The AutoBrush


The best of them all, the AutoBrush is the ultimate V-Day gift for the hygiene enthusiast. The best brush on the market, and last brush you’ll ever buy. This bad boy is fully automatic and brushes your teeth in less than 20 seconds. The 360-degree mouthpiece gently vibrates, brushing your teeth at every possible angle inside the mouth to give the best possible clean. Never miss a spot again!

The AutoBrush automatic toothbrush.

Sugar-Free Gum


Sugar-free gum is great to chew after meals to help remove the top layer of food and drink, especially strong foods like wine and chocolate that you would have on Valentine’s Day!

Tongue Scraper


Did you know the majority of bacteria in your mouth, especially leftover after brushing, is located on your tongue? I know, gross. Did you also know that leftover bacteria on the tongue is also what causes bad breath? I know, grosser. So, if you want to really show your partner you know a thing or two about hygiene, or maybe their breath just stinks, consider getting them a tongue scraper. 

You may be saying, “but what about brushing your tongue?” but brushing your tongue isn’t nearly as effective at removing bacteria as a tongue scraper. That’s because a tongue scraper is specifically designed to do this task. It’s a good effort, but brushing your tongue can still leave you with bad breath and bacteria in your mouth.

Regardless of what you get your Valentine this holiday, I am sure they will love it. Just remember to flash them a smile and show them how much you care. 


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