Tales of the Tooth Fairy

Families all over the world take part in the tooth fairy tradition, with young ones placing their lost teeth under the pillow overnight in the hopes of receiving some money in the morning. It makes the event of tooth loss a more enjoyable and digestible experience for children, and parents get to surprise their children with some loose change under their pillow. But where did this tradition come from?


Origin of the Tooth Fairy


A drawing of the tooth fairy


The earliest record of a tooth fairy-like tradition comes from Norse writings. The Norse paid a tooth fee to children when they lost their teeth.

Later on, cultures adopted different traditions surrounded lost teeth. During the middle ages in England, children actually burned their teeth after they fell out, as it was considered bad luck to keep them around. There was fear that witches could control a person if they got a hold of their teeth.

The Vikings not only paid children for their teeth, but they took them to wear in battle. Worn around the warrior's neck in battle, children’s teeth were considered good luck charms.


The Tooth Fairy Today


The tooth fairy


The modern day tooth fairy tradition actually began quite recently. The oldest reference to the concept of the tooth fairy is from 1908, and it didn’t become a widespread practice in America until into the mid 1900s.


Using The Tooth Fairy To Improve Hygiene Habits


A kid dressed as the tooth fairy


The Tooth Fairy is just a fantasy figure, so how can she help us teach our children good oral hygiene practice?

Letting your child know that the tooth fairy will pay more for a good tooth than a bad tooth can be a positive way to motivate your child to take care of their teeth. There are some families that even leave a note praising the child for their well-kept teeth.

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