Should the tooth fairy be visiting so soon?

What is premature tooth loss?


"Permanent" teeth shouldn't start coming in until 6 years at the earliest.


People generally have two sets of teeth, commonly known as “baby” teeth and “adult” teeth. Age-range varies, but at around 6 months of age is when a human will start sprouting their first set of teeth. Eventually, this first set of teeth will naturally fall out, giving way to a “permanent” set of “adult” teeth.

Baby teeth typically begin to come loose between ages 6 and 12, so there is a wide range of acceptability for losing baby teeth. Sometimes, it can even be normal to go outside of this range. However, premature tooth loss is when children begin to lose these teeth far earlier than expected, as a result of infection or disease.


What causes premature tooth loss?


Rotting teeth from candy can cause premature tooth loss.


A wide range of infections or diseases can cause teeth to rot out early. Periodontal disease can cause teeth to fall out early, especially if it’s not treated. Not only disease, but trauma can cause premature tooth loss as well. A child who is accidentally hit in the mouth playing sports can be subject to premature tooth loss.


How to treat premature tooth loss


The dentist is always your best source for dental issues.


The first step is going to the dentist. If your child lost a tooth that wasn’t loose, it could be a sign of a larger problem. They could have a number of oral diseases, or possibly have fractures in the mouth. It’s possible they require treatment.


How to prevent premature tooth loss


Proper dental care such as with AutoBrush is essential to preventing premature tooth loss.


Proper dental care is essential to prevent premature tooth loss. This includes regular dental visits for cleanings, as well as a strong at-home dental care routine. For the strongest at-home routine, check out AutoBrush’s collection of oral hygiene products. The AutoBrush for Kids is the next step in children’s at-home dental care, featuring automatic cleaning, fun sing-along songs, and beautiful animal designs.


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