Facts About Baby Teeth

  1. Born With Teeth
  2. Guide For Permanent Teeth
  3. Prone To Cavities
  4. Breastfeed To Have Better Looking Teeth
  5. Teeth And Speech


It is really an exciting time when your baby’s first tooth comes out. This means that you can start feeding your little one solid food. For first time parents, it can be really fun to choose which toothbrush and toothpaste to use on that cute little tooth. Remember to not get carried away. Do take note that it is still recommended to consult with your dentist on how to properly take care of baby teeth. 

Though baby teeth are temporary teeth, it does not mean that they are less important than permanent teeth. They play an important role in your baby’s nutrition as well as their ability to talk. They may be temporary but it does not hurt to know more about baby teeth. So read up and learn some facts about baby teeth that you might not be aware of.

Born With Teeth


Some babies just cannot wait to have their teeth. In fact, 1 in 3000 babies are born with a neonatal tooth. Neonatal teeth are teeth that sprouted prematurely. They could also be supernumerary teeth which are extra teeth that are not part of the normal teeth allotment.


Baby sleeping on top of a fur blanket, for AutoBrush


Guide For Permanent Teeth


Baby teeth act as a guide for permanent teeth. They act as a location guide for the permanent teeth to sprout up from as well as a spacing guide. This is one of the reasons why temporary teeth are important and should be given proper dental care.


Drawing of an open mouth showing all the teeth, for AutoBrush


Prone To Cavities


40% of children develop cavities in their baby teeth. Cavities mean that they will have to be prematurely extracted as to not affect the other teeth. This premature extraction can affect how the permanent teeth sprouts as baby teeth are supposed to act as guides for the adult teeth. Practice proper dental care as early as possible to avoid costly dental problems in the future.


A sad cartoon tooth with cracks on the surface, for AutoBrush


Breastfeed To Have Better Looking Teeth


Are you worried that your child might grow up to have crooked teeth? You can prevent it from happening by exclusively breastfeeding your baby for the first 6 months. A study has shown that 72% of breastfed children are less likely to develop crooked teeth as they grow up.


A breastfeeding infant, for AutoBrush


Teeth And Speech


Keeping your child’s baby teeth healthy is important especially if they are still learning to talk. An intact set of temporary teeth would allow your child to learn to talk properly at a faster rate.


A small child talking on the telephone, for AutoBrush



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