AutoBrush For Kids: The Gift Every Child Wants To Receive This Christmas

Christmas is sneaking up on everyone. Everyone is busy making a list of gifts for their kids and crossing them out one by one. Book, gadgets, toys? What better gift can you give your children that is something both fun and useful.

We got you covered with our AutoBrush for Kids V3! You can choose from four adorable jungle companions that will sing-along while your kids are brushing their teeth. See how your children’s faces light up whenever it’s time for a toothbrush.


Meet The Pack: All AuotBrush V3 brush animals, for AutoBrush blog

What’s new in V3?

  • It's waterproof to prevent the battery connectors from rusting.
  • It includes a battery indicator light so you know how much charge is remaining.
  • Higher frequency of vibrations to get rid of even more plaque and bacteria!


Lenni the Lion AutoBrush V3 brush front and back, for AutoBrush blog


What are the benefits?

  • Kids with proper dental health are less likely to get sick.
  • Having a stable oral routine at a young age are more likely to be more mindful of their teeth and gums’ health.
  • Knowing that your teeth and gums are healthy gives you more confidence in socializing with other people.
  • Children perform better in school when their dental health is in shape.
  • They can eat whatever they want as long as proper oral care is still in place.

Making your children brush their teeth proactively is close to impossible. Most of the time, it is a ground for screaming, tantrums and delaying tactics. It could be because they do not like the toothbrush that they have. Or the bristles are hurting their gums. This shouldn’t be the case. 

AutoBrush for Kids V3 is made to be more effective compared to your traditional toothbrush. It has bristles that are powerful yet safe and brushing time are faster but with the assurance of cleaning all surfaces including hard to reach spots even your toothbrush could not reach.


Lenni the Lion AutoBrush V3 brush front and back with new V3 features explained, for AutoBrush blog

Children will not realize how important brushing their teeth until they reach the part of their lives that they’ll cry out because of tooth decay. So for now, let’s make their brush time an enjoyable and entertaining experience. 

Give your kids the best present they will receive this Christmas. Get AutoBrush for Kids V3 now!


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