Is Your Smile Not Photogenic?

  1. Is there such thing as not photogenic?
  2. Not all of us are models.
  3. Lighting and Shadow Play


Is there such thing as not photogenic? 


Are you always worried that your register to the camera is not always what you wanted to look like? Is it because you are not photogenic? Or could it be the light or the camera or the photographer? Or maybe you haven’t found the correct pose or smile that works for the lens. Is there really such a thing as being not photogenic?


Selective focus of manual camera on top of wooden table, for AutoBrush


Not all of us are models.


Not everyone of us are models and can act natural on spotlight and cameras. Most of us shy away or smile awkwardly whenever asked to pose for a picture. Even the best and finest models were trained to look their amazing whenever they do a photoshoot. They were coached on what kind of posing works well for them. That is what a first-class photographer does.

There are some people who look good on their right angle, some are better looking on their left side. A professional photographer would be able to identify the correct posture for every person. Whether they need to smile showing off all their teeth or smile with their mouth closed. 


Studio lighting and equipment, for AutoBrush


Lighting and Shadow Play.


Lighting and shadows also play a very important role on the outcome of the picture. Photoshop could only do so much. By playing around with the lights it would showcase every person’s real beauty. A dramatic shadow can give your face a dimension you have never seen in the mirror. It just means that there could be a better lighting for your.


Silhouette of camera taking picture of model, for AutoBrush

Every one of us are beautiful. Do not be afraid to smile for the camera because you think you are not photogenic enough to be photographed. With the right coaching and proper equipment, you will always look good. The most beautiful person has a natural and sincere smile that can bring sunshine to everyone who sees it, be it in person or in pictures.


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