Where There's Smoke There's Gum Disease

Smoking is a terrible habit.

We have the research and knowledge now to know the terrible, deadly effects smoking cigarettes has on the human body, but millions of Americans are still addicted. However, smoking isn’t only bad for your heart, lungs, and brain, it’s also one of the worst things for your teeth.


Stained Teeth


Stained teeth.


We wrote a while back about foods that can stain your teeth, but if you’re looking to avoid staining your teeth, then stay away from cigarettes. They are the worst offender by far, and long term teeth can cause teeth to turn dark yellow or even brown. This is due to the large number of toxic chemicals contained in cigarettes. Specifically, tar and nicotine help to stain your teeth, and over the course of years, the tobacco will stain as well. It’s one of the strongest ways to stain your teeth because you have multiple substances working to stain.


Bad Breath


Bad breath


This one should be obvious, but the combination of tobacco and numerous chemicals smoking in your mouth can easily cause bad breath. If you’re a consistent smoker then it’s likely no matter how much you keep up with your dental routine, your breath is not going to smell fresh.


Tooth Loss


Tooth surgery


Smoking can also lead to tooth loss. Over the course of years smoking cigarettes can rot teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss or the necessity to remove them.


Gum Disease


Smoking a cigarette


Infected gums will not heal nearly as quickly for a smoker as they will for a non-smoker. This is because smoking causes a lack of oxygen in the bloodstream which makes it difficult for gums to heal.




Smoking is devastating to anyone


Here is a startling fact: nearly 90% of people with mouth, tongue, and throat cancer use or have used tobacco. People who smoke are six times more likely to develop these cancers.


Giving Up Smoking


It's never too late to quit smoking


Giving up smoking is always the best choice. The health benefits are plenty and immediate. Your breath will start to smell better, you’ll be at a lower risk for cancer, your taste and smell will start to improve. If you’re looking to quit, try out patches or nicotine gum, and speak with your doctor to see which method will work best for you.

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