What Your Teeth Say About Your Health

  1. Inflamed And Bleeding Gums
  2. Teeth Edges Look And Feel Flat
  3. Tooth Loss
  4. Teeth Changing Color, Shape and Length


There is a lot that our body can tell us about our health. It is not just about how we are feeling or if there is the presence of pain or not. Physical conditions like having dry or scaly skin might mean that we are not getting enough water. Red spots on the skin might be a sign that you are experiencing some sort of bacterial infection. Dull hair can mean that you are not getting enough nutrients in your body. Even our teeth can say a lot about our health. Let’s check out what our teeth are telling us.

Inflamed And Bleeding Gums

If you’ve always had healthy teeth and gums but suddenly suffer from inflamed and bleeding gums, there is a possibility that you are pregnant. This is caused by hormonal changes in your body which increase blood flow to the gums causing it to become sensitive and swollen.


Lady showing her inflamed gums, for AutoBrush

Woman with swollen gums by Smart Mouth


Teeth Edges Look And Feel Flat

The edges of our teeth are naturally uneven and are not perfectly flat. If you start noticing that they feel and look flat, you might be living a stressful lifestyle. When we are stressed, we tend to clench our jaw and grind our teeth causing the edges to be worn down. The action of grinding the teeth can cause the enamel to wear down and will cause further dental problems.


Close up image of teeth with flat edges, for AutoBrush

Teeth with flat edges by Cap City Dental


Tooth Loss

Tooth extraction is the best option if a tooth is already damaged beyond repair. But what if your tooth just suddenly falls off without it having any signs of decay? This could be a sign that you have osteoporosis. Our teeth are anchored to our jaw bone and osteoporosis causes a decrease in bone density. This decrease in bone density can cause your teeth to loosen and fall off.


Man with a missing tooth, for AutoBrush

Man with a missing tooth by Prism Dental Group


Teeth Changing Color, Shape and Length

Your dentist might be the first one to find out if you have an eating disorder like Bulimia. Aside from the lack of nutrition that affects your dental health, the stomach acid that comes from constant vomiting can erode the enamel on the teeth. This can cause the teeth to change color and shape.


Close up of a mouth with eroded lower teeth, for AutoBrush

Eroded lower teeth by Wikipedia

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