What Your Breath Says About Your Dental Health

  1. Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease
  2. Poorly Fitting Dental Appliances


Prevention is the best cure. That is why it is always recommended to go to the dentist at least once a year. Together with proper oral hygiene, regular visits to the dentist can prevent minor dental issues from becoming more complex. No one wants to get a case of cavities or tooth decay as they can cause a lot of pain and will negatively affect your daily routine. Aside from preventing tooth-related problems, there is one other benefit that people around you are grateful for - not having bad breath. Tooth decay and cavities can cause bad breath. Not only is bad breath an indication of having dental problems, but it can lower your confidence which in turn, can cause problems with your social life.

It’s an embarrassing and awkward situation. You introduce yourself to someone important and you smell it. You just realized that you have bad breath - and on an important day as well. You took every precaution but it didn’t help. Brushing your teeth, mouthwash and chewing minty gum. What you should’ve done is go to the dentist to have your teeth checked. Bad breath or halitosis is usually caused by dental problems. If ignored it could become serious. So, aside from the condition of your teeth, what does your breath say about your dental health?

Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Persistent bad taste or bad breath may be an indication of having gum disease. Gum disease or periodontitis is caused by bacteria build up in the mouth. If left untreated, the tissue that surrounds your teeth is destroyed by the bacteria which will lead to tooth loss. Gum inflammation or gingivitis usually comes before periodontitis. In the early stages, the bacteria in plaque build up causing the gums to become inflamed. If ignored, this will lead to the gum and bone to separate from the tooth forming pockets. Pockets which can trap food debris and cause infection. As this progresses, the gum and bone holding the tooth become more damaged causing the tooth to fall off. Another horrifying scenario that could have been easily avoided by visiting the dentist.


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Poorly Fitting Dental Appliances

Dental appliances’ main purpose should be to improve your dental health. Looking good with that awesome smile is just a bonus. But it can also cause problems if they are not placed correctly. A loose-fitting dental appliance can trap food debris which, if not cleaned can breed harmful bacteria. This can cause sores, infections and bad breath. If you suspect that your appliance is not placed correctly, immediately schedule an appointment with your dentist. Again, something minor like this can cause more problems in the future. Do not ignore it.


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