What’s Worse For Teeth, Sugar or Not Cleaning?

While it’s well-known sweets are bad for your teeth, the reason why isn’t what you might think. Sweets making contact with your teeth isn’t bad for them, it’s when they stay on your teeth that bacteria starts to develop. As long as you don’t have sweets at night and make sure to rinse your mouth after eating them, they will not have a harmful impact on your teeth.

Chewing gum after a meal also greatly reduces the risk of bacteria growth as it is effective at removing excess food from your mouth.

Grinding your teeth can greatly contribute to tooth decay. It’s best to try to avoid any sort of grinding at all costs.

Acid in fruit is also extremely harmful to your teeth as it deteriorates tooth enamel. Fruits like apples, berries, and oranges all have high concentrations of acid that are harmful to your teeth if left uncleaned.

So go ahead and enjoy your favorite, sinful treats. Just remember to clean as best as you can, and if you want to ensure a perfect cleaning every time without worrying about doing it yourself, consider investing in a smart toothbrush like the AutoBrush! Check it out here!


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