What Do I Eat When I'm Sick?

You might have a great diet most of the time, but what you eat changes when you’re sick. At least, it should change when you’re sick. We’ve already covered what you should be eating during your late night binges. But what about when you’re sick? Our body takes in food differently when we’re not feeling well, and some foods are better than others during that time. Here are some of the best!


Coconut Water


Coconut water comes from coconuts.


The first thing the doctor always tells you when you’re sick is to stay hydrated. “Drink plenty of fluids,” is the saying. Well, nothing is better hydrating than coconut water. It’s sweet, unlike regular water, but it also contains electrolytes to help aid in re-hydration.


Chicken Soup


Chicken soup has both liquids and nutrients.


It’s just like your grandma always used to tell you. Chicken soup is culturally known as a recommended food for someone suffering from the cold. It turns out grandma was right! Not only is it easy to eat, which is important when you’re sick, but it’s packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential for someone feeling ill. Not only that, it’s soup so it has plenty of fluid to keep you filled with electrolytes.




Yogurt has essential probiotics that are essential when sick.


Yogurt is another food that’s very easy to eat, as it requires no chewing. It’s also cold which can be easy on a sore throat. It’s nutritious enough to act as a full meal with it’s protein and calories. It also contains probiotics which can help people recover faster.




Oatmeal has a bland taste, but is a full, hearty breakfast.


When you’re eating food while sick, one thing to remember is to eat bland foods. You don’t want to risk upsetting your stomach with things that are too heavy or acidic. Oatmeal is the perfect choice because it’s plain but still rich in nutrients and calories.




Tea acts as a natural decongestant


Tea is another great beverage for when you’re sick. Not only is it another fluid, but tea has many added health benefits. Hot tea is a natural decongestant, which can be helpful to someone with the cold or flu. Having tea throughout the day not only remedies symptoms, but it can help keep you hydrated.




Salmon has Omega-3s which keep you healthy.


Salmon is great because it’s full of protein so you get all the nutrition you need while still being easy to eat. Salmon has omega-3 fatty acids which are essential to a healthy diet.

The key to eating and drinking when you’re sick is to eat foods and drink liquids that aren't too strong, yet are packed with essential nutrition.

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