Top 5 Ways to Get Kids to Love Brushing Their Teeth

  1. Use Kid’s Flavored Toothpastes
  2. Purchase Brushes Made From Softer Materials
  3. Let Your Kid Choose!
  4. Make it Fun
  5. Set a Timer


Let’s face it, as parents is there are few things we enjoy less as brushing our kids’ teeth. It’s a struggle and a war, and dental products have barely evolved in the last few years to make the task any easier. Today, we’ll be discussing how to make that experience more enjoyable and provide a few tips on getting your kids to fall in love with brushing their teeth. Additionally, these 5 tips will help you ensure that your child is learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle and securing the first defense to a strong, healthy immune system.


1. Use Kid’s Flavored Toothpastes

Choosing a flavor that your child is familiar with and their palate is accustomed to can help encourage brushing. Often times, we make the mistake of choosing a mint flavored or adult-friendly toothpaste for a child which tends to be overpowering for their taste.

Choosing multiple flavor options that are kid friendly (bubblegum, watermelon, cherry and grape) are a great way to empower your child to have the option to choose. Although it seems expensive right now, it’s significantly less costly than a visit to the dentist for a filling.


2. Purchase Brushes Made From Softer Materials

Purchasing toothbrushes with soft nylon or silicone bristles that are gentle on the teeth is super important for children with developing teeth. Reducing the “hurt” factor goes a long way to promote long term brushing habits. Also, reducing the amount of lateral pressure applied when brushing helps to reduce the amount of pain associated with brushing for children. Remember, their teeth are growing in and brushing too hard on the gums and gumline can be painful! Ouch! Our AutoBrush brush heads are made of gentle silicone and the gentle vibration of our brushes helps to make brushing fun. Plaque is considered a biofilm and doesn’t require extreme amounts of pressure to remove and can be cleaned fairly easily.


AutoBrush for Kids V3 brush in Harley the Hippo, for AutoBrush blog

3. Let Your Kid Choose!

Captain America or Superman? Barbie or Wonderwoman? Pediatric toothbrushes are designed to have larger grips with bright recognizable colors and characters. Additionally they’re also designed to have smaller heads for easier brushing. Allowing your child to choose their toothbrush allows them a sense of ownership and will get them excited to brush with a familiar character.


4. Make it Fun

Kids who associate brushing as a negative activity will only treat it as such, and brushing will always be viewed as a chore instead of something enjoyable.

Making brushing fun is by no means easy, but here are a few suggestions you can consider to liven up the experience:

  • Music: Playing their favorite song while brushing can make brushing be associated positively as a whole
  • Brush Before Bath Time: Brushing before bed time is a habit that adults do; however, children might not view brushing positively if it’s done just before their bed time. We know how most kids feel about bed time anyways! So instead, try brushing their teeth before they slip on their PJs or just before bath time
  • Videos: You can use videos that your child likes to play while he/she is brushing their teeth. This allows for them to have a fun time while they’re brushing
  • Brush With Them: Your child views you as someone who comforts them and someone they look up to. Why not spend time to brush with them and set the right example!


5. Set a Timer

Setting a timer for your children while brushing their teeth ensures that they’re brushing their teeth for the appropriate amount of time and also you can use it as an opportunity to celebrate with them each time they brush their teeth for the full amount of time, so they associate brushing as a positive exercise.

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