Toothbrushing Myths

  1. Brushing Hard Will Clean The Teeth
  2. Brushing Right After Every Meal
  3. Your Tooth Will Dissolve In Soda


There are some things that have been part of our lives for so long that myths and misconceptions start to sprout up from them. Most of these beliefs start off based on facts but over time become less accurate as they are passed on from one person to another. Others are also based on outdated information that is still considered as fact. A good number of these myths are harmless but there are some that are harmful and even considered dangerous.

Dental hygiene has a very long and interesting history. It’s amazing how it has evolved ever since modern man started practicing it. From using powdered bones to electric toothbrushes, it just goes to show that even back then, we know the value of dental health. With its long history also comes myths. Let’s explore these myths to find out which are based on facts and which are just old wives’ tales.

Brushing Hard Will Clean The Teeth

I have been guilty of this when I was still a kid and I know some stubborn adults who still practice this. Brushing your teeth as hard as possible will not clean your teeth. What you are doing is just causing abrasions on them. Toothbrushing should be like a gentle massage for your teeth and gums.


Black and white image of a man brushing his teeth, for AutoBrush


Brushing Right After Every Meal

Stuck food debris can cause tooth decay and bad breath. So it just makes sense to brush our teeth immediately after every meal. Actually, it is recommended to wait for at least 30 to 60 minutes before toothbrushing. The reason for that is that after eating, our mouths still produce extra saliva to break down the food particles still in our mouth. During this time, our mouth becomes more acidic which causes the enamel on the teeth to temporarily soften. If you brush immediately after a meal, you are not only brushing away food debris but your teeth’s enamel as well.


5 different meals on white ceramic plates, for AutoBrush


Your Tooth Will Dissolve In Soda

This is one of the more recent and famous myths out there. You’ve probably already seen the video showing a tooth getting dissolved after being left in a glass of soda overnight. This is based on the fact that soda contains 3 different acids. What the videos fail to mention is that those acids are also present in other drinks. In fact, orange juice has a higher acid content compared to sodas. There is also the fact that you won’t be holding soda in your mouth overnight and this “experiment” does not consider the effect of saliva in the mouth. Even if you can hold soda in your mouth overnight, it can take days before your teeth completely dissolve.


Close up image of a glass of soda and ice, for AutoBrush



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