To Floss or Not To Floss

  1. No Harmful Effect.
  2. Nothing to Lose.
  3. Your Call.


Over the years, there has been a lot of talk going on about flossing, whether it is necessary or not. A review of 25 studies conducted by the Associated Press concluded that research used to recommend flossing did not meet the criteria of the Department of Health and Human Services to be written into their Dietary Guidelines. 


Flossing demo, for AutoBrush blog


No Harmful Effect.


Does this mean that when your dentist recommends that you floss, you can simply say that it is not necessary? In reality, flossing does not have any harmful effect to your oral health but could actually be an advantage. We may all know that brushing alone cannot remove all the plaque and bacteria buildup especially those cavities in between your teeth. This is what flossing is really for, unless you are using inter-dental brushes or you may invest in a device to stream water or air between your teeth, you may skip flossing.


Nothing to Lose.


It is still highly recommended by the American Dental Association to continue cleaning between teeth once a day, whether it is through flossing or any other device. There is actually nothing to lose. It only takes less than a minute to floss, just a few bucks every month and it can save you from future dental work - which aren’t cheap, at all. And yes, they include needles.


Your Call.


At the end of the day, you are the one to decide if you want to floss or not. Your dentist could only recommend that you do it, but it is still your call. But think about it, brushing your teeth can clean the surface of your teeth. How about the leftover food in between your teeth? Would you rather leave it out because it was said that flossing is not necessary or would you have a cleaner, wealthier teeth and gums by simply putting that needle in between your teeth? 


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