To Brush or Not to Brush?

Most people see the act of brushing teeth as a habitual activity that’s necessary. You might not want to, but you still have to do it. For most people, it’s just something you get through. But with that being said, are you sure you’re doing it at the right time and frequency? It may seem obvious for some, but there are people who only brush once a day. Others brush twice a day, and there are even people who do more. So what’s correct?

Brushing Your Teeth in the Morning


Anyone who brushes their teeth brushes at least once a day in the morning. This one is obvious. You want to brush in the morning after you wake up because it gets rid of morning breath, and you’ve had bacteria sitting in your mouth like a stew all night. It’s disgusting! One thing to remember when brushing your teeth in the morning is to brush before breakfast, and not after. You’ll want a clean mouth going into breakfast because you don’t want new foods to mix with the bacteria leftover in your mouth from over night.


Sun rising in the morning.


Brushing Your Teeth at Night


The next step is brushing at night. If you haven’t brushed since that morning, your teeth are going to be covered in bacteria and acidity from the foods and sugars you had throughout the day. It’s important to clean these off before bed so they don’t sit all night. This not only reduces bacteria growth but it also reduces the amount of bad breath you’ll have in the morning.


A man brushing his teeth.


Making Brushing Easier


If you want to make things easier, you could always invest in a smart brush like The AutoBrush. Using an automatic brush has many benefits. You don’t have worry about how hard or how long you’re brushing, and you don’t have to worry about angles. This way you can prevent excessive brushing, and won’t accidentally damage your teeth. The AutoBrush also comes with teeth whitening features not available with regular brushes.

AutoBrush electric toothbrush.

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