The Best Vitamins for Tooth & Gum Health!

Are you vitamin savvy when it comes to dental health? Let's take a quick 101 shall we?


Calcium: It’s good not only for your bones but for your teeth as well. Calcium helps create and sustain healthy teeth, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese all have calcium that is easily digestible by humans. Canned fish products that contain bones are also an excellent source of calcium. Vegetable choices are green vegetables like spinach, and even fortified cereals contain helpful amounts of calcium.

Phosphorus: this nutrient along with calcium helps keep your teeth strong. Foods like nuts, meats, and eggs all contain enough phosphorus to keep your teeth healthy and powerful. Another great source is whole foods like grains, and dried fruits.

Vitamin C: This vitamin helps your gums form blood vessels and tissue that support your teeth. A cause of bleeding gums is insufficient vitamin C. Foods with high amounts of vitamin C are citrus fruits like oranges, spinach, brussel sprouts, and other fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin D: This nutrient helps your body absorb the calcium that it consumes. As such, it is vital to the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums. Without the proper amount of vitamin D in your body, your teeth will not make use of the calcium. Milk and cereals are common foods with vitamin D.

Vitamin A: Tissues in teeth and mucus membranes are supported by vitamin A. There are two types of vitamin A: preformed and provitamin. Preformed is found in meat and dairy foods, while provitamin is found in fruits and vegetables.

If you keep your diet regulated with the right amounts of these vitamins, you’ll be on your way to supporting healthy gums and teeth.


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