How To Make Your Kids Brush Their Teeth

  1. Set An Example
  2. Get The Right Toothpaste
  3. Be Positive


When it comes to parenting, making your kids brush their teeth is probably one of the most challenging tasks. It’s right up there with making sure that they are eating correctly and ensuring that they don’t make a mess of the house. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we don’t. Welcome to parenthood.

Before becoming parents, I’m sure most of you are just like me - expecting it was going to be easy after all, I was once a kid. Am I right? We’ve been there, we should know how to deal with them. But it’s easier said than done. We just cannot seem to make them understand how important dental hygiene is. These little versions of ourselves just don’t care. They have their own world where their main mission is to mess with you but at the same time look adorable and cute. Dental hygiene is not one of their missions. It doesn’t have to be this difficult. So how do you encourage your little ones to brush their teeth?

Set An Example

Make sure that your children see you whenever you are brushing or flossing your teeth. Children love emulating adults. It is a form of game for them. Make sure that you always have their toothbrushes and toothpaste within reach. Playfully invite them to join you and show them the proper way to brush. Remember, encourage but do not force. They will eventually do these activities by themselves without being told to.


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Get The Right Toothpaste

The one thing that can turn off children from brushing is the taste of the toothpaste. I bet that most of you do not like the taste of strong mint when you were kids. Your children are no different. Get toothpastes that are aimed at children. These do not have strong flavors and are easy on the taste buds. You can also ask your dentist for the best toothpaste that will suit your kids. Also when purchasing one, let your kids choose the flavor. Get them involved.


Blue-eyed kid wearing a pink dress and brushing her teeth with a blue toothbrush, for AutoBrush


Be Positive

When you were a kid, did you always do what your parents asked you to do? I didn’t. Now that you have kids of your own, expect them to behave the same way. They’re your kids after all. Ease them into the habit of brushing their teeth. Do not get frustrated. Explain to them in the simplest way possible how good dental hygiene can keep away the bad cavities. Never ever use going to the dentist as a form of punishment. This can only instill fear which will leave a bad impression of someone that can actually help them.


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