How to Make Toothbrushing Fun For Kids

  1. Have A Reward System
  2. Create A Story
  3. Play While Brushing


We already know how important it is to brush and floss our teeth. Doing these as well as minimizing sugar treats not only keeps our teeth clean but also healthy. Knowing these things and how important they are is part of being an adult. But turn back the clock and try to remember when you were just a kid. I bet that as a kid, you thought that brushing your teeth is an annoying chore and that it only gets in the way of doing the most important things. Essential things like watching TV, playing video games, going outside to play and of course, annoying your parents. For kids, brushing their teeth just takes up too much time and is not fun.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world. If you are a parent or someone who is in charge of raising a child, one of the most challenging things to do is to convince a child to brush his or her teeth. It is an everyday challenge that can get old real quick. And the challenge is not just getting them to brush their teeth, it is also about making sure that they are actually doing it correctly. To solve this little problem, we have to think like kids and not adults. Why did we hate brushing our teeth when we were young? Because it is not fun. The solution? Make tooth brushing fun.

Have A Reward System

Create a long term reward system where your child would be encouraged to never miss out on toothbrushing. One good example of this is to buy a set of stickers that you can use to mark the days on the calendar when your kid or kids were able to brush their teeth. Once they have completed a whole month, you can reward them their favorite toy or something that they really want. To keep them interested, you can also do smaller weekly rewards.


Little girl hugging a white stuffed animal, for AutoBrush


Create A Story

If telling a story is a good way to send your kid off to sleep, then it is also a good way to make toothbrushing sessions fun. Make them look forward to brushing their teeth by coming up with a story where they are the hero. Keep the theme about dental health and be sure to leave them hanging for the next part of the story. Who would’ve thought that cliffhangers can encourage good dental hygiene?


Little boy wearing a black plastic cape and goggles, for AutoBrush


Play While Brushing

Kids love to play. That is a fact. Why not make toothbrushing sessions also play sessions? You would need music and visual stimulation to make it fun for your kids. Take it to the next level by making the toothbrush itself fun to use like the AutoBrush for Kids. Lively music? Check. Fancy lights? Check. Cleans teeth effectively? Check. The toothbrush itself is like a toy that your kids would surely love to use.


Little boy playing with toy trains, for AutoBrush


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