[LIVE RECAP] Meet the Man Behind AutoBrush: Chris Lander


We want to give a BIG thank you to all that joined us at our last LIVE event – Meet the Man Behind AutoBrush: Chris Lander! It was a blast! 

Missed the LIVE? No worries, we got you covered. This jam-packed session—filled with insightful questions from customers to exciting updates from the AutoBrush CEO & founder himself—was recorded and ready for replay:



What to look out for in the video:

⭐️ How AutoBrush began and what was the main driving force that made founder Chris look for a better way to brush

⭐️ Why AutoBrush made the switch from silicone to nylon bristles

⭐️ Yes, AutoBrush also has an adult version and we offer flossers, too!

⭐️ New exciting products coming up, including a fluoride toothpaste

⭐️ + many more!


What is AutoBrush LIVE?

AutoBrush hosts bi-weekly LIVEs on Wednesdays @ 7 PM EST. You can check out upcoming events here or join our Facebook Group to be notified of what’s coming up. 


What can you expect during AutoBrush LIVE events?

⭐️ Brushing tips & tricks for the whole family 
⭐️ Spotlighted speakers & professionals 
⭐️ Exclusive sneak peeks at new products
⭐️ Special discounts & giveaways of AutoBrush goodies
⭐️ A chance to connect with other AutoBrush parents


All LIVE events are free, but the unsolicited advice? Priceless!


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