[LIVE RECAP] Ask a Dentist: Dr. Gibbz

We want to give a BIG thank you to all that joined us at our last LIVE event – Ask A Dentist: Dr. Gibbz! It was such a fun and insightful Q&A.
Dr. Gibbz answered your tooth-y questions like…
⭐ What are the top three mistakes people make while brushing at home?
⭐ How can I stop grinding my teeth?
⭐ What type of tooth sensitivity is "normal"?
⭐ How long do I have to floss until my gums see a difference?
In case you missed it or couldn’t say the whole time – we’ve got you covered!

Watch the recording here.

Hope to see you next time!

About Dr. Gibbz 

Dr. Younan completed his  undergraduate studies at CSU Fresno and went on to A.T. Still University in Arizona, where he earned his D.M.D and MPH Degrees. Dr. Younan combined his passion for giving back to those in need and his passion for entertainment to form a 501c3 non profit organization called Entertainment Healers.
As part of his non profit work, he also goes by the alias Dr. Gibbz. With this Dr. Gibbz persona, he creates dental education videos using popular songs and changing the lyrics to provide oral health information. Dr, Younan has a goal to make health a "popular" thing. As the saying goes,” Health is Wealth.” 
Want to hear more from Dr. Gibbz? Be sure to check out his socials below. 

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